Mar 23, 2017

Spring Cleaning Thoughts, Tips, DIYS

What do you do when it comes to spring cleaning?  Do you do extra cleaning this time of year, or are you one who doesn't have to do it? Are you one who I intend to be one day (who am I kidding?) ,that doesn't need to have a hard cleaning because your house is immaculate? Join me today as we talk cleaning.

I'm still trying to get mine in that condition but for some reason things (mostly people) take me away. I know people are more important but I really want to get it in shape and keep it that way always!

Looking out through the window
This was before the porch painting.
Looking back I now know I really like the new floor color.

Baskets taken from the top of my kitchen cabinets have been scrubbed and are on the porch drying. They were taken down when the kitchen was painted and needed a thorough cleaning. I washed them in the utility sink in laundry room with my homemade laundry soap then rinsed well and put them outside on the porch to dry.

photo credit

Country Living Ideas
Cleaning Windows Ideas & Tips
Cleaning Windows

A simple mixture of two parts water to one part white distilled vinegar is all you need for a streak-free finish on windows and glass services.  Wipe the inside windows from side to side, and the outside windows from top to bottom This makes it easier to see which side needs further cleaning. credit Country Living

I really like that idea and frankly never thought very much about it but it makes sense! The vinegar and water make for a great way to clean and shine so many things and I do use it but I add essential oils!  I know confession time, I Hate the vinegar smell but it dissipates after awhile thank goodness.

Window cleaning on an early spring day

I learned a great tip years ago from a friend named Diane.  She worked with me in the strawberry field and also cleaned houses. She cleaned a Lot of windows and said this simple mixture worked best for her and the other housekeepers. She was right it does work really well on dirty windows. Now keep in mind it may take a little muscle but it works! A clean window is a sparkling window!

 Window Cleaning Mixture for Dirty Windows
  • 1 bucket water with Blue Dawn Ultra Original Dishwashing Liquid a few squirts like you would do for dishes. **tip only that particular Dawn works for this well.** Special cloth for that bucket only
  • 1 bucket clear clean water for rinsing.  **Special cloth for that bucket only.
  • 1 larger soft cloth for drying to squeaky clean.  **Use an old clean cloth diaper, worn t shirt, tea towel anything that will dry and not leave lint on windows.  I have some diapers that I've been using now for over 40 years!

That's it and it works wonderfully with really dirty windows as a matter of fact mirrors as well!  If you like things to sparkle and shine as I do then you will love this little effort in the long run.  You won't have to do it all the time but it helps keep them cleaner longer.

Current cost $2.99

I'll be honest with you I didn't like this to begin with,
 (you know the Windex generation)
 But with use over time I've changed my mind!
I like this it works good for those in between hard washing of windows.

current cost $5.99

I like this a lot!  It is a light cleaner and it is excellent!
Smells so wonderful, has an almond scent and does a great job for everyday cleaning

Current cost $3.99

I like to use this at least once a week

Sponge ~  Grove Collaborative or Full Circle Walnut Scrubber

Hey I'm showing the real thing here! This was the top of my kitchen cabinets above stove. After a few years of neglect.  I have a large step stool/ladder that I use and then I do a balancing act on the edge of my counter tops to reach it. This is me below! (yeah right I wish)!

It is a little tricky and at sixty something I probably should be careful, but that is how I reach my tall cabinets in the kitchen and laundry room. 

Clean and with very little effort!
A bowl of clean water and this spray took care of it in a short time!
(No I'm not compensated/paid to say this--wish I were lol I just like the products!)

Top of cabinets cleared and cleaned

They were a mess and I cleaned them right before the painters came in to paint the kitchen. It was easier than I thought it would be with the Mrs. Meyers Multi Surface Cleaners.  I have a new love of these cleaners!  The scents are amazing and they clean really well!  They are inexpensive as well.  I love the essential oils!  

This set in many many scents is currently only $10.99

Dish Soap, Hand Soap and Multi Surface Cleaner

It is official now I must have OCD! Who knew? Maybe a slight case of it anyway, because when I run out of one of these I can't seem to use one in another scent!  I'll pull out one from same scent or put away until I can get another with same fragrance! They do make cleaning more fun that is for sure!

I spent a better part of yesterday making my laundry soap/detergents.  It can take a while but is so worth the effort.  A little bit of time spent on a good supply can last you many months and lots of cash that you can use for other things!  You can find my personal mixtures here and I do recommend them because they actually work!

I love Rosie
I use this for my tough heavy duty laundry soap

This time of year is a time when I clean the carpets and rugs thoroughly.  I like to clean them always in the spring and again in the fall then maybe a few in between. Over the years I've had many carpet cleaner/shampooers by Hoover and they've been alright but I now own another that works even better and is much lighter, 17 1/2 lbs. The Bissell 1548 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Size Carpet Cleaner. It is extremely light and much easier to carry upstairs.  I started cleaning the carpets after the painting and need to finish.  This cleaner works so well I like it! I don't own an indoor pet but have many outdoors and probably track in some of their "stuff"!  I figured if it would clean up behind them it will clean and it does! 


I guess that is enough cleaning talk for today!  
I'll be back for more later.
Happy Cleaning Everyone!


  1. wow! You have been a good girl and BUSY! Good for you. I usually do a good Spring cleaning and will get at it when I can open the house up and air things out. Last Fall I did a really deep cleaning through the whole house and have kept it up so that everything still looks pretty good...but I know there is a lot of hidden dirt.

    I have used that Dawn window washing trick for years, too. It does the best job of anything I have ever used. I always run my vacuum attachment over the windows, sills, before I start washing and it really takes a lot of the grime off so you don't end up with a muddy mess.

    Hope you have a good night- xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana,
      I am impressed and happy for you girl! Sounds like your house is in great shape. Tell me how do you do it? I'll get there one day (I hope)..Great tip with the vacuum I like that! Yay I should have known you would know about and like the Dawn window cleaner...I agree the best go to window cleaner!
      Love you girl Thank you and hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Wow... I just cleaned my windows just yesterday the entire house. about 35 windows total . I used dawn and water exactly this, but outside i used the garden hose to rinse. I dried with paper towel . Thanks for this awesome post.

    1. Hi Marissa!
      You certainly had a very busy day washing your windows! Wow 35! You like me know this really works! Thank you too!

  3. I hate cleaning but I love having a house in order and clean. All about balance. I do need to tackle the house a bit but it is time to start the remodel of upstairs. Next week I hope to pick paint colors.

    1. Hey Ginger Dawn!
      I know you are so excited with the remodel as I am for you! Well you might as well be prepared to sweep up, dust, wipe some paint spills etc because it will happen maybe not a lot if they are good but still will happen.
      I wouldn't gutt clean until they are finished...
      Enjoy picking the new paint colors! How exciting!

  4. My biggest thoughts about spring cleaning are "Who can I get to do this for me??" LOL. Just kidding. I try to tackle one room a day.

    I just started using the Meyers products and I love them!

    1. Hey Kim,
      I truly know what you mean! lol...yet I don't hire anyone to do it...scratching my head and I don't know why? One room a day sounds like a solution. I try to hit every room a little and never get it all finished...going to try your way!
      I love them too!
      Have a great weekend!

  5. I start deep cleaning in the fall and work on it all winter. By spring, I just have windows, and any paint jobs left. I was gifted norwex cloths, so that's all I use, along with e-cloths. No cleaning spray needed. I do use tea tree oil/water mix on any windows that have gotten black mold over winter (from moisture). I have an old farmhouse.

    1. Wow, Kristina you are one active lady! I admire and would like to be just like you! Since you do that you have your spring to do fun thngs...I'll be working on that here as well. I love your farmhouse!Thanks!

  6. I love the Meyer line also. They smell so good and really do clean well.
    I was "out of commission" in the fall & winter so wasn't able to do my usual fall cleaning. As a result my windows & everything else is kind of a disaster. I'm going to try the Dawn truck on my windows as soon as the weather allows me to open up the house. Thanks for the tips & the motivation!

    1. Hi Patti!
      I'm sorry to hear that you've been out of commission and hope you are better now. I love this time of year with the weather so very pretty and things starting to come alive from the flowers to the birds! Thank you!