Nov 16, 2021

Fall Colors Around The House


I know this year the leaves are so beautiful leading up to the house

Mama always loved the seasons all of them

I am a Spring and Summer kind of lady but you know what?

These colors are winning me over I now love Fall too!
The sky is so deep blue and that is how it looked too!

Today's post is about the colors 

Thanksgiving is coming soon!

Thankful for everything including the simple things in life.

God's beauty is seen daily

I hope you can tell how beautiful the changing leaves are

The soybeans have just been cut so the field is clear now.
This year's crop was the most beautiful I've seen in all the years that we've been here!

Beautiful clusters of trees all the way up the side of the property!

Standing over the roof of the car taking a picture
I didn't realize the colors were changing until then.

Short video of the colors here

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving?
I can hardly believe this year is passing so quickly!

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