Cooking at Hibiscus House for the New Year!


Do you have what you need to cook for New Year's Eve or Day?

We have certain traditions here in the South and I like to follow through with them like my parents and grandparents did. The menu would have to consist of fresh greens preferable collards!  The dried blackeye peas would need to be soaked and you must have a few other ingredients to cook these vegetables with as well.  That would be a little bit of salt pork or fatback, some bacon or hog jowl sliced, or a ham hock.  You must of course have a piping hot pan of cornbread! Hey, if you're like us you may just want to put on a pot of rice to go along with all of it!

Are you ready for 2022?  It's time we get ready!  

It Is Christmas! Merry Christmas!

The tree isn't straightened up yet or decorated
It is still a very beautiful tree
Chuck put it up this year while I baked
Tonight's post is just of lights because I love them!
Merry Christmas to you all!

Homemade Tomato Sauce Using Ball Harvest Pro Sauce Maker and Ball Water Bath Canner

July canning with these Ball appliances.  Found in the post drafts so hey, why not get it out and available for next year's canning/preserving information.  *Plus this blog is a journal for me as well and I know I'll find it helpful.  I hope you do too.

Christmas is almost here and I'm excited but also looking forward to the new year and growing season!  

The love of preserving has been inherited from my wonderful family members for generations.  I'm really glad and it doesn't hurt to be as self-sufficient as possible.  If it saves money in the long run and provides for your family it's all the better.

Baked Chili Cheese Dip Quick & Easy For Beginners As Well

Sharing today a very easy recipe (if you can call it that) it is quick and filling.  The combination is easy enough to layer with mostly canned ingredients.  

Sometimes it is fun to eat a little comfort food (may not be the healthiest) that is pretty tasty. Throw in some purchased chips (not making homemade anything today why spoil the easy?) and pig out!
Did I say that?  Why, yes I did!

Christmas Over The Years At Hibiscus House


Today I'm sharing a little Christmas from the Archives.  I've yet to decorate hopefully this will be my motivation.  

Believe it or not, I've been gardening planting roses, moving shrubs.  It has been a busy time outside.  I've wanted to make some changes in that way for a few years so it has been a welcome job.

Well, Let's get on with the Christmas over the years post.  I'm glad you're here! Friends, some of you may re-visit your memories while we're here.

New Strawberry Patch 2021

Look at these little plants peeking through the net bags!  They can't wait to be planted!  I pre-ordered three varieties of plugs from Ison's:  Camarosa, Sweet Charlie, and of course Chandler. 

The Cottles first planted Sweet Charlie on some family land then later on the Chandler was the variety of choice. I do believe they grew some of the Camarosa as well. Working the fields for many years I've become known locally as 'The Strawberry Lady'.  That's fine with me because I do love strawberries!

Mama always said I should put my garden in this spot I'm now clearing.  It took a few years mama and many strawberry-loving critters later but I'm finally doing just that!  

We were so excited putting this in until lots of pictures were taken.  

Oh be sure to scroll down to the end to see what happened afterward!  We gasped, laughed, and thanked God we weren't out there when 'this thing' happened!

Popcorn Tree Full Of Popcorn!


Not really popcorn of course but it sure looks like it could be.  The nickname is appropriate.  You may remember this tree recently in the spring blooms attracted so many bees, butterflies, and birds.  Then in the fall, the colors were so pretty.  The leaves have now fallen and the tree stands alone with the wonderful popcorn-looking pods.  

I may just have to add a few to a Christmas wreath or two!  I'm sharing a few pictures today of this simple but interesting tree.

It is actually called Chinese Tallow and is quite invasive along the swamps and lakes in South Carolina. I'm not advising you to grow them because of that fact. However, I do hang onto this one because it came from my mama's tree and it has sentimental value. Having said all of that, it is a fun tree to watch.