Dec 16, 2022

Southern Banana Pudding Recipe Favorites

Traditions, family gatherings, good food, and conversation are things most families have in common.  What differs is what foods people like to eat.  Recipes that their families cooked ate and handed down through the generations.  Cultures, countries, and regions, all have something to do with what is commonplace at the family dinner table. 

Today I'm sharing what is on our family dinner tables on special occasions, or just a pleasant Sunday family meal.

I know friends that visit the blog frequently or the past Dolly is Cooking site will remember our favorites.  Sharing them because some have asked for them again.

The kid in me today is starting with the sweet things!


(aka Nanner Puddin)

The Original Nilla Banana Pudding Recipe
Meringue baked on top

Recipe on the box of Nilla Vanilla Wafers
You can also find it on Hibiscus House Cooking with Dolly Recipe

Sour Cream Banana Pudding

Hibiscus House Cooking with Dolly Recipe

Condensed Milk Banana Pudding

Hibiscus House Cooking with Dolly Recipe

Loaded Banana Pudding

Hibiscus House Cooking with Dolly Recipe


Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding Recipe

Paula Deen's Recipe
She uses different chessmen cookies

Trisha Yearwood's Recipe
Very similar to the Nilla recipe

I hope you enjoy our selection of recipes today!


  1. You are a bad influence! Now I've GOT to make a 'nana puddin' for Christmas. I know it will be the first thing to go on the dessert table. I hope you and yours enjoy a peaceful, joyful Christmas and New Year. Thank you for all you do to bring your readers a peak into your home, and I especially appreciate the Southern memories your posts invoke. Merry Christmas.

    1. Eileen,
      I'm sorry about the bad influence and you're right I am...I hope you enjoy yours. We don't eat it all the time so that's got to be better for us right? (hope so lol).
      Thank you so much it is friends like you that warm my heart and make me smile. Merry Christmas to you and all of your family!
      xoxo Dolly

  2. My hubby loves banana pudding. I like it best with whipped cream rather than a meringue top..but he likes the meringue top. Just what I need-one more sweet treat to make me fatter. lol. xo Diana

    1. Now you know it wouldn't hurt you pretty lady! I like both ways talk about gaining weight.