Americana and Silkie Chick Updates

Thought I would share with you a chicken update.

Born March 19, 2012
one Silkie Chick "Elvira"
one Americauna Chick "Cotton Candy"
Born to Patty Partridge Silkie Hen

The Americauna Chick Spring 2012 "Popcorn" is her name
This is "Cotton Candy" now below 2013

Shown Below:
"Cotton Candy" on the left "Cora Lee" in Front
  "Pat the Hammer" Grandson Phillip's  New Hampshire Red Hen with black tail feathers on right

The Americauna "Cotton Candy" on left, center Silkie "Patty" and the little silkie "Elvira" on the right.
  Silkie "Elvira" now 2013 the largest in this nest and now a broody hen

This is the hen looking a little bad because she has been in the hen house over 2 months off and on with her broody little self...she was setting on blue Lavendar Araucana eggs
click Here to see that story

Elvira is no longer broody. There was only the one chick hatched and they are all one happy village.

I'm excited to announce the very first blog hop over at dolly's designs

Please stop by and share some of your creative designs! Thanks in advance!


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The Secrets of J Edgar Hoover

 Melvin Purvis on the left and J Edgar Hoover on the right 

This has to be a part of Hibiscus House Spotlight Series of Melvin Purvis. It may help us know a little more about J Edgar Hoove a very important figure in the life of Melvin Purvis.

 J Edgar Hoover and his FBI History are indeed a part of Agent Purvis's Life. Read more to see the following video....

French Wheaten Marans

Wheaten Marans Rooster

He is a fine rooster and I need some help naming him.  I have given him several french names but none of them suit him.  Please  would you help me give him a proper french name? 

What Did You Say? Snow in South Carolina!

Snow in South Carolina, just the mention of snow in our fair state creates excitement!  We very seldom get snow, but when we do you can bet we enjoy it to the fullest!  It is a treat, a celebration, a downright thrill for us to have snow.  This morning I ventured out, not far mind you, Chuck was asleep and what if I fell and broke something...I'm laughing as I type this.  I think we got a total of 2 inches or of those melted before dark...If we can even see a snowflake on the ground we will try to make a snowman and definitely make snow cream..The trick is not to get any dirt in it from so little snow...

Welcome to snow at Hibiscus House

Saw the picture below, this morning on Facebook and that about says it all.

Can we even drive in the snow?  Are you kidding?  Of course we can't...So do we care?  No!  We will get in anything that has a motor, crank it up and fly low just to have fun...This doesn't have to be on the highway of course that would be dangerous! Just give us an open field, a four wheeler, golf cart or pickup truck and off we go.  I didn't say that we wouldn't bog down but we sure would have fun doing it.  Have you ever been pulled on a car hood sled? Or skated on top of one? Daddy owned an auto body shop and we kids did such things.  You haven't lived until you have done something crazy like that...

Our cousins home across the road.  Isn't it beautiful?

View from the front porch.  
Thank you Lord for such beauty.

I wonder what made these tracks across the front yard?

The sky this morning was just breathtaking!

Grandkids would love this!

Catie took this picture below for me last night. 
It is from our old home.  
I can't believe it iris blooming in the snow.

Catie & Carly made snow cream this morning.

Well in the time it took for me to put this blog post up the snow has almost melted away.  

Have a great week!

Happy Valentine's Day

What does this day mean to you?

Does it bring to mind your one true love?

Are you looking for your true love?

Is he trying to win you?


Is he a frog that may turn into a prince?  Or is he a prince that may turn into a frog?

 Is he a born charmer?

Does it grow?  Do you cultivate it or let it go?

Is he talented? Is he busy?

Is she talented?  Is she busy?

Is he far away?

Alone on Valentine's Day you say?  It really doesn't matter in any way! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your day, have fun I say!  This moment is here and it won't stay!  Sing, dance, sew, cook, eat out, movies, read a book, call a friend, visit much to pursue make the most of what you do!

Are they dear?  Do you call them honey?

Do you love sweets?

Do you like money?

Is it jewelry you desire?
 Or is it flowers you require?
 Is he from your past?

Are you together now?

 Whatever the situation I hope it lasts!

 Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! 
This post was done in fun I hope you enjoy!


 For more of the meaning of this day visit
A Valentine Day

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Casper Our New Great Pyrenees Dog

I would like for you to meet the newest addition to our family of backyard animals.
This is Casper



Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.

Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.
WWII fellow soldier in same unit as my Dad the 83rd Chemical Mortar Btn.