Once I Saw a Little Bird

The other morning I was sitting, drinking my coffee and looking out the kitchen window.  
I saw This beautiful bluebird couple. 
They are so tame this year. They perch at the Hummingbird Feeders to visit, rest and look inside to see what we are doing.
These pictures are taken through the screened windows but I wanted to share them anyway.  The Eastern Bluebirds are such beautiful birds.

The female preening herself

What beautiful creatures they are. Thank you God for such beauty all around us.
Have a great week everybody!

This reminded me of a nursery rhyme that my girls' grandmother Genolia used to recite to them.

Once I saw a little bird come hop, hop, hop
I said, "Little bird won't you stop, stop, stop."
I was going to the window to say, "How do you do".
When he shook his little tail and away he flew!

Spot and Casper

I need to apologize for the poor quality of the photos, but it was getting dark and animals don't care about the lighting.  It seems if you can even catch them at what they do naturally it is a miracle.
These two are the best of friends. A rooster named Spot and Dog named Casper.
Spot is you may remember the calm even tempered rooster that goes about his day minding his own business.  We have other roosters however like Pharoah that doesn't and has to challenge all of the time. When he does this Spot just runs over to Casper. They are the cutest things.

Check out Spot prancing around Look at that foot he is so happy so is Casper.
Casper is a great chicken dog.

Best Buds

This picture is worth it all.
Yes Spot must love dog food but he just does this a short while and then
he eats his chicken feed.
He loves his new best bud.

Have a great week!

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That is Some Hole!

Phillip shows how happy he is that he struck water!

Spotlight: Roodoodles, Michael Haun Part Three

Michael Haun
I found this story and it tells quite a lot about the man
It is a very interesting read. What you read may surprise you.  I don't know how one person has this much time and energy. I am impressed.
He has a passion for telling a good story
South Charlotte News by Laura Bailey
Trip Around the Barn
"Keep your dad gum little legs & wings inside the moving vehicle at all times....
Yes this is the last trip around the barn...
No, we're not crossing the road...
Maybe, we'll do this again tomorrow."
A  Little Biography
Husband, dad, singer, songwriter, storyteller, poet, author, actor, play write, blacksmith, master prop and widget-builder- one of thebigdealguys, oh yeah- artist, a blessed man.
Personal InformationThe name Haun means proud rooster.
The grand kids call me Roo
I doodle on napkins, moleskines and best of all Cheap Joes Kilamanjaro watercolor paper.
So- Roo doodles. As everything in Nature seems to speak, sometimes there are those who crow the loudest. They appear in and out of Biblical history, they grace storytelling and folklore, they wake the farm, and become icons and logos.
My German name does not mean Lionhearted or silversmith, it means roosters or fowl. I can't paint lions so I stayed with the roosters. Roodoodles are simple whimsical, witty, some time sane and thoughtful roosters that brighten this life. Thanks for supporting original art. send me a note <roodoodles@gmail.com>

 All roodoodles© photos, scribblings, muses and ramblings on this page are original watercolor art work, copying, printing reproducing not permitted. 

 Painted this little Roo in the hotel room with flair pens and hot tea. It reflects how I felt waking up. Oh I'm suppose to get up and crow.

Carol M Haun
My awesome wife
artist, chef,designer, decorator, lover of the unexpected adventures God brings her way, a bon vivant, gypsy traveler, awesome mother,YA YA to the grand kids.

 Random stuff
I met a lady at the art Gallery she said” All you paint is roosters?” Yeah.. “ how boring”
I asked her what she painted.
"nothing"  she said. Well there you have it, you need to buy one from me.

Interests want to know what I do with all my spare time? We run a creative consulting marketing company. We coach, shoot, edit produce stories for Facebook, blogs and web. 

"Today my dad will be famous like Icarus. " I think he crashed in the sea." I think your day will be infamous in the barnyard."

"I always look mad when I dance!"


Sequel to Trip Around the Barn
" So Welcome to life..... Things are Never as easy as they look!"
I asked Michael for a comment and this is what he said:

"There should be art,creative expression and willingness to learn something new in all that we do.
Creativity abounds and blesses so we have no excuse to sit down and not search for it it food, painting,sculpting, writing, music, everywhere in life. 
No excuses. My young teams have always known that I have a firing offense. Say you are bored. 
Then you are fired. You won't be bored tomorrow. 
Create something today. "
 Michael Haun  
Thank you Michael!  Excellent advice for all!
We love Roodoodles.
 Check out his Facebook Page He has a new Roo almost daily
Website: Storyrealing
If you missed parts one and two click below:
Part One
Part Two

Spring Gardening Clean Up

I was blessed with a little gardening help this past week.  Phillip was out of school.  He really was a lot of help. He worked so hard!  I had a lot of catching up to do, but he made it fun! Still not finished, hmmm, when is the next school break?

Spotlight: Part Two: Michael Haun The Man Behind Roodoodles

Michael Haun
The Man Behind The Roodoodles

We wrote, shot, edited and  produced this Accua Lamp spot for their International Light show Concept was the birth of the new LEDs.

Michael Haun
Traveled as a singer, songwriter, storyteller, speaker,producer,  artist, play write, poet, author, blacksmith, master prop and widget builder, writer, wrangler, doodler, film, TV host.  He is the husband of a very creative, patience, loving wife a dad of three awesome children and "Roo" to 6 grand kids. 

 "I operate by this philosophy:  Strive to be a Creative Innovative Architect in all projects.
 I ministry within the realm of: interruptions, availability and spontaneity are all real should be figure into the mix and  make for fresh relevant outcomes."

Life's experiences are alway the best teacher.
I have lived a rich, blessed life of creative ideas, designs, and stories.  All of these skills, experiences, adventures, education by tried and tested  means, goes into helping bring your story, idea or concept to life.  Call me I answer my own phone.  If there is a way we can help you we will discover it.

Grant Haun

Grant spent his App State College days storytelling in Broadcasting, Media and throwing heavy objects like the shot-put,  hammer, discus and sometimes small lawn statues.  He spent a year in the DR Congo as a missionary, videographer, and assisting  teaching street English at a bilingual University.  If you need you story in Swahili we got it covered.

His experience in field producing, creating on a shoestring, with no running water, electricity, wrapped in mosquito netting equipped  him well for these quick turn social media stories we do at Storyrealing.

Amazing what he can do with HD tools, and the power turned on.  He spends much of his summer consulting, training, speaking and creating program at summer camps.
Quick wit, good problem solving, excellent camera and editing skills make him valuable to your story coming to life.

" You know what you learn in Africa? patience...Telling good stories for our clients takes the same skills." 
Hurry but don't rush

Find them on 

It is going to take more than one part to tell this talented man's story and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am. 
Roodoodles Part One HERE
Roodoodles Micheal Haun Part Three HERE

Roodoodles Facebook


Spot The Barred Rock Rooster

Spot is such a sweet rooster.  I hatched him about 4 years ago and he is my baby.  
There have been times that he has been so quite and secluded in his own world that I have ignored him.  He is a very humble rooster.  He looks a little rough, lost feathers too. Pharoah gave him a beating even down to pecking his eye so I put Spot outside the pen and he has been running around freely.  Every morning he comes up to the bay window at the kitchen and crows.  He needs some attention.

I locked Pharoah back up and put Spot back into the open pen with
Casper the Great Pyrenees Dog
They even eat out of the same bowl and are now friends.
I need to get a picture of that they are cute together.

Spot loves his shadow!

 Spot has the cutest personality. He really enjoyed his short time out in the wide open space.
I enjoyed him having his freedom and visiting up at the house. I think he likes looking at his own shadow!

Spot died in 2015 from some sickness that Little Dickens brought back.
Little Dickens ran off came back and never acted the same.
She spread a paralyzing sickness that killed several hens and roosters.
I learned that I will never put a chicken back in with the others even though I thought I had quarantined her for about a month it wasn't long enough.



Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.

Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.
WWII fellow soldier in same unit as my Dad the 83rd Chemical Mortar Btn.