Jun 13, 2013

Wonderful Craft Swap

 Michelle's Little Piece of Heaven Blog

Was the Hostess for the Craft Swap!
  We had a month to make and send to our craft partner something that we have made. What a fun idea! 
I received my box and was as excited as if it were Christmas morning.
Thank you Michelle for this Great Craft Swap.

My craft partner is Michele Scaife.
She made and sent me the most beautiful hand-worked items! I have pictures below to show but they just don't do the quilting and stitches justice. It is hard sometimes to capture how something looks.
She is so very talented. If you get the chance go over to dolly's designs blog and check out her quilting videos, located on the left bottom sidebar.
  Do you want to know what she sent to me?
Oh my goodness what is in this box?

Look at the pretty fabric! What is it?  Something is wrapped up inside!  
More excitement!

Isn't this pretty? This intricate crochet is beautiful.
Michele this reminds me of the handwork my grandmother used to do.

Oh WoW!  Look at this! It is absolutely beautiful.  The design, the ribbon, the stitching!

I am speechless now.  Hard to believe that but true, this is so pretty.

Wait there is something else wrapped up in the box.  
Look what it is!
Oh how precious, a Window Sill Angel.

She is in the window Michele.
I thank you Michelle for your Craft Swap, and the joy that is has brought to me! 
Thank you Michele for your wonderful, thoughtful gifts! They,
 mean more to me than you know.  I'll end this post with the words of the little angel in the windowsill.

"I'm a Window Sill Angel,
Your reminder to pray.
Have you told Jesus
That you love Him today?
      The Scaife Family


  1. Aww how sweet! I cannot believe the craftmanship or the stitched detail....or that adorable window sill angel. What great treasures!

  2. How pretty !!! All of the beautiful details in the work !!! :) *Cynthia

  3. All I can say is WOW!! Everything is so, so beautiful!! :)

  4. Amazing detail in the applique - such talent! You're a luck gal.

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous! You are very gifted, Dolly :) I am so glad that you are sharing your skills and encouragement with everyone at Deep Roots! I am blessed~ Have a wonderful weekend, friend!
    Now to link-up!

  6. How beautiful... We always knew Michelle is a talented gal with a huge heart too!
    Lovely... :)