Jul 13, 2015

Fratelli Carli

Oneglia is the year of a bountiful harvest of olives.  E' on this particular occasion Giovanni Carli, one of six children of typesetter Carlo Carli has the idea of offerering the olive oil produced from the groves of the family, not to local merchants but to nearby families from the nearby Piedmont. Riding his Bianchi Bike part to the houses of the first customers who immediately appreciate the quality of this oil.  His vision and determination are the foundations that have allowed us to Fratelli Carli today. credit
Join me as I tell of these excellent products and the wonderful family company that bring them to us....

I was first introduced to the products of Fratelli Carli through Chefs, whom I shop with and I'm so glad that they did offer these products.  The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is out of this world.  I use it daily and it makes other oils, well let me just say I threw my others away.  I received a gift pack for product review and am at this moment trying more of their great products.  I have a Product Review in the kitchen of Hibiscus House! Please join me today for a history of this wonderful Italian company.

Outstanding Olive Oil
The absolute best!
A Big Thumbs Up!


1922 The Official Logo

1925 Birth of the first laboratory analysis and quality control within the firm

1936 The first Cookbook Carli

1937 Vittorio Emanuel III bestowed Fratelli Carli Supplier of The Royal House

December 1943 The system of oil production is completely destroyed by bombing.
(This one struck me personally for sure.  My daddy was over there fighting in that war.)

1948 The Recovery after the war

1950 The logo is born

1981 The extra virgin olive oil 

1973 Gian Franco Carli joins
Current CEO
Charles' son and grandson of John

One hundred years later!

2014 Fratelli Carli is the first Italian company to be certified Benefit Corporation
Limiting the impact on the environment!

I've shown you a great number of photos from some of the years but the website is loaded with many more.  

If interested in ordering you can do so in these ways listed below and do me a favor tell them Dolly sent you:
Phone:  1-866-259-3165
US Online Ordering

The Italian Website...hit the translate button.
The U.S.A. Website
Fratelli Carli Italy

Disclosure:  This product was given to me for the purpose of testing and giving an honest opinion.  My opinions are just that and are my own.

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