Peaceful Unexpected Mini Vacation!

Hazy Morning

I'll be sharing in pictures today and hope you find them as restful and peaceful as I did.  We went on a day trip that turned into several days at the beach.  I thank the relatives that invited us into their beach vacation!  A beautiful home, dock, waterfront and a short walk to beach access.  Saw some fish caught, including sharks, enjoyed family!  It must have been THE place to be because the neighbors and ourselves couldn't stay away! 
If you haven't been to South Carolina's Beaches do yourself a favor and come on down!  We like it down at Garden City.  Peaceful, secluded at times with plenty of activities for young and old!
Come on in and see the pictures......

Porch Another View

Until next time,


  1. Looks so beautiful - I'd love it there too.

    1. Maybe one day you and I can visit there together! I'd love that!


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