Jul 18, 2016

What's Going On?

Summer is going by so quickly.  Time is getting away and so much to do, so much I want to do.  How about you?  Today sharing a few things about 'What's Going On?' here at Hibiscus House.

I guess I should say that the above picture has some information that has changed. DollyisCooking.com is no longer online.  It has been combined with this website at present.  I have a cookbook in the works but that may have to take a backseat for a little while.  Summer is a busy time!

Small Shade Tent
It was totally up and then this happened!  
Can you hear me laughing/crying?
Fortunately more laughter than crying.

What is this you may ask?  Well, let me tell you.  I am planning a small birthday party for Chuck, oh not a surprise because he is always here and I'd have to get up pretty early to sneak one over on him. 

It is so hot here in South Carolina that it is almost impossible to enjoy anything outdoors without being overheated!  So I went to old storage to find some old shade tents, you know the ones that make you say bad words if you aren't careful trying to put them up.  Flimsy things and with no instructions saved, what a funny headache!  

How about another view of this mess!
Funny isn't it?
It really is!  
Carly told me to throw the things away, but did I listen?  Not me!

Finally my old craft show tent stands!  YAY

The green one in the background fell yesterday with wind.  White I tried over and over won't stand. I am a determined hard headed person, and don't give up easily.  Next year new pop up tents!

Sur la table
Spiral Slicer
I've been testing this product and will do a review soon.

Look at these gorgeous tomatoes!
Let me tell you they are some of the most delicious I've ever tasted!
I've been canning some of these to go through the winter.
We've had plenty of tomato sandwiches around here!

These are going to be used in many recipes!

Noritake Rhythm Crystal

I washed by hand and put away then it hit me what my grandmother used to do to sterilize items. You probably remember the crystal I have been trying to complete from another post.  I found some on Ebay for a great price! I washed them by hand and put away then it hit me I need to sterilize these, but scratching my head which were the new ones in the china cabinet? 

Look at these beauties!
Carly found these and they are beautifully etched, at a resale shop!
I love them!

I had to show them again along with the Rhythm in background
 Had to sterilize all!

Ways to Sterilize Dishes

1.  Dishwasher -Some have a cycle made especially for Sterilizing.

2.  Boil in Water
Wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly, Heat water in pot with pad, dish towel or some protection in the bottom to protect dishes. [I used one of my silicon hot pads in the bottom of my pot]. Bring water to a boil, add dish boil for 10 minutes to sterilize.  Carefully remove with canning tong or hot silicone glove.  Place on towels to drain and air dry before storing.

3.  Sterilize in Oven
Preheat oven to 275 degrees F.  Be sure to place oven rack low enough in oven to accommodate item being sterilized.  Place baking mat or dish towel on baking sheet to protect item.  Keep in oven with door closed the entire time which is 20 minutes. 

4.  Bleach sanitizes
You can use bleach in water soaking for 2 minutes.  Use 2 teaspoons to a gallon of water, soak, rinse, drain and air dry. 
I do clean some stained plastic containers and at times have been known to clean counter top with bleach.  

Sterilizing in Boiling Water.

Sterilizing in the Oven:

Carly the grands and I went to Vacation Bible School and what a great time we all had there.  I was so happy to go with them. We had meals, Bible School Class and even had Craft Classes!  Yes we all did and it was enjoyed!  
Patsy was our craft instructor and ironically she is the wife of the local grower of those beautiful tomatoes that I canned above.  We made a bird feeder from flower pots, trays, wire for hangers and Sharpie Marker Pens. We also made a cute gingerbread girl decoration out of smaller clay pots and wooden balls, plastic eyes, ric rac, hot glue guns and ribbon bows.  That was fun also and glue gun spider webs as I call them were everywhere! 

Bible School Bird Feeder
Well, my quick spur of the moment drawings on the pot.
I tried for daylilies and upper top right Coneflowers.
I like this feeder and can't wait to fill it and watch the feathered friends eat!

Next post 

Grapes are ripening!


  1. Those bird feeders are adorable.

    The tomatoes would be wonderful with bacon and lettuce, on 2 slices of bread - yum! Do you ever make fried green tomatoes?

    1. Hi Kim, I do like the bird feeders, I'm glad Patsy had that idea and brought the supplies for us to have a great time. Yes, I do love bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches...and agree yum! Yes I do make fried green tomatoes not often but love them!

  2. Why do you sterilize them? I have some beautiful glasses but to tell the truth, we don't use them so they sit in the china cabinet.

    1. I bought some of them from resale shops and some from ebay unknown sources. I only did that the one time for safety's sake, not knowing who owned them or ifthey were sick. I just did it as a precaution. Mine sit a lot too because I have a family that most times would rather drink out of a solo cup and eat from a plastic plate...
      Whoa as me it is hard to use the fine china, silver and crystal around this bunch other than holidays..lol.