Dec 8, 2016

Catie is Cooking Video and Newly Married Update!

I'm smiling and one of the reasons is this youngest of mine Catie.  She has never shown any interest in cooking until now.  She told her sister and me last week, "I don't know what's going on with me but I just want to cook."  I told her that she was just settling into married life and homemaking.  I also said sorry honey but you must take after your mama more than you think.  

She and Carly both teach themselves to cook and cook differently than their mama but everything they cook is delicious!  Y'all know I'm happy that she is cooking, proud as a peacock and I have nothing to do with it! I'm laughing right now!

If you know Catie or are friends with me you know that she is a born comedian, she really is! So it didn't surprise me when the other night she was cooking and kept posting videos of every step to Carly and me. She was loving every minute of it and we were too!  I'm going to share my little funny girl's video with you now!

French Onion Soup
Recipe here

She and Doug are getting used to living in their new home.  I love their new home it is beautiful. Catie is cooking, cleaning, rearranging things nesting I call it!  

She is cosmetologist and Doug works as a Vet Tech.  I know she's mine but she has a knack, an eye for hair color and style.  She is very talented.  Doug has a great love and cares for animals so this is the perfect job for him and he is excellent in it.

They both love animals really

This was in the Summer when she was with Oskar
You can see he is quite the ham!

Meet Tiggy the Hedgehog

I've always loved this picture of these two!

Catie has always loved the outdoorsy, lumberjack, type of guy.
Who knew?  
Not I.
She found him!

Doug took her fishing
I think that stole her heart
She has always wanted to fish!

Look at this!
She is a born fisherman (woman)!

Oh now he is taking her hunting!
She looks apprehensive here.
Guess what?
She is a born marksman!
The girl is a great shot!
Oh she didn't shoot anything living.
She is a great target shooter.

Doug decorating their Christmas tree in their new home!
Look how tall this lumberjack is.
I wonder if he ducks to enter the home?
The tree looks pink in the picture above but it is white actually.

Catie has always had some of the most whimsical ornaments!
I love the tree!

A mother's prayer is that these two will live happily ever after.


  1. I love this. Have put it on my fb.for all to see. Thanks Dolly!

  2. Ok, We need to talk Catie into starting a blog and Tiggy needs to write a post once a week! That would be so fun to hear from a Hedgehog point of view!

    1. I'll have to tell her that! Lol..Sounds good to me too Ginger!