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Farmacy Beauty sent three products for me to try and review.  This is exciting to try products that come from natural sources.  I am beginning today December 11th.  Let me tell you it is the perfect time for a trial.  The coldest night was last night and my skin is so very dry, chapped and itching. 

The following videos will give us all a little information about this company and their products.  I can't wait to see the results.

Honey Savior  $34.00
All in one skin repair save with Echinacea Greenenvy Honey
Top Ten Uses For Honey Savior
Can be found
Farmacy here
Sephora here

Invincible  $65.00
Root cell anti aging serum
Echinacea Greenenvy

Can be found
Farmacy here
Sephora here

Eye Dew   $38.00
with Echinacea Greenenvy

Can be found
Farmacy here
Sephora here

Farmacy Beauty Website: here
Farmacy Blog: here
Farmacy FaceBook: here

I'll finish this post in a few weeks with my personal Product Review.


  1. Perfect way to pamper yourself. They did a great job with the videos.

    1. Hi, Ginger Dawn,
      I'm so allergic to so many things I hope it works out well. It has done well so far. I do believe that already I can tell the products put moisture into the skin and it stays there pretty well. We'll see in the long run what happens but so far I'm impressed. Yes I agree they did do a great job with the videos


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