Mar 2, 2018


We had friends from overseas to come for a visit.  They themselves had made a home in Wisconsin and were getting adjusted to living in America. Kate was from Scotland and she loved for me to make biscuits for her.  I was enjoying it and she would always say they reminded her of the scones they had in her country.  She had missed them and my flaky biscuits brought back memories for her.  I haven't made many real scones but recently made a few and find that I really like them.

These are so delicious with soft real butter and homemade jams and jellies.  I used Blueberry Craisins in these mini scones above.

Gemma's great video

I surely am not an expert on making scones but am sharing two recipes that I tried on this day.  This particular one is from a few sources one Alton Brown  and some advice from Gemma as well.  I don't have a recipe of my own yet that will come with trial and time.

Martha Stewart video Rich Cream Scones

Rich Cream Scones

Especially with the recently made jams and jellies
Check out the new Espresso napkins from Sur la table
Yes they match the place mats, coffee cups, and recently made window curtains in the kitchen

Assemble all you will need to make your scones
I wouldn't take anything for this very old sifter without a knob
I've owned it for most of my adult life
Oh, I've bought others but they weren't very good at all and have been long since thrown away.

A food processor can make quick easy work
You can use a pastry cutter 
You could use your fingers but I'd advise against it
The warmth of the hands makes the butter become too soft 
You want the butter to be cold to make flaky scones.

I have a marble slab for rolling out doughs
It keeps the dough cold and also makes it easier roll
Keeps the dough colder
The video tells of how to fold and roll
then pat down level to cut

It makes for the most tender, melt in your mouth scones
When not overworking the dough in any way.
This if ready to cut and bake

I've had that tiny cutter for many years
It is a little dented and bent but still works well

One plain scone ready to bake
I used two fingers to dip into the heavy cream
Then dabbed on the top only to help the scones to rise
cream running down the sides will prohibit them from rising well.

You can see where the scone in front bottom did not rise as well as the others.
I tried brushing the cream on and that didn't work as well as my two fingers.
These melt in your mouth 
We really enjoyed them.

You might want to make some homemade Strawberry-Banana Jam, Grape, or Orange Marmalade for your scones.  We love these with ours!

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