Feb 25, 2020


When you downsize in your home there are a lot of things that you just don't think about until you have to deal with them.  We've found that to be true since moving to Hibiscus House.  Blending two families along with their belongings is an undertaking to be sure. Add to that about thirty years' worth of belongings and you have an organizational challenge on your hands.

I for one am glad that is what I did for a while in the business. Although, it is true you know the old sayings, such as:  What one does for a living they lack at home.

Guess I shouldn't cut myself down too harshly, we have dealt with some serious illnesses in the family, including heart disease, and a family member with Alzheimer's Disease. They have taken a toll on the free time around here. Excuse me for going a little off-topic.

There are reasons for all we do and that is the truth. We may not always know what is behind others' actions but they are there.

Today, let's talk about organizing the very small drawer space when you have small standard cabinets and drawers in the home. What can be done to make for quick and easy access to your kitchen tools in these drawers!  Hey, these gadgets could help organize in any size drawer!

Knife Drawer

I'll start with the knife drawer since that is one thing that constantly got on my nerves. No one needs to be fumbling around in search of a particular knife all of the time!  For that matter at any time!

Look at this mess!  Dangerous too!

Look at that!
Now I can reach my favorite paring knives with ease!

How about this?
It may not look perfect, but it is perfect for me!
The others on the right have sheaths and that makes the limited space work anyway!

I've shopped at Joseph Joseph for a number of years and have yet to be disappointed! The knife organizer can be found at Amazon here

It is such a pleasure to go to the drawer and easily slide and lift out the wanted knife!

Knife Drawer and Gadget Drawer

I'll do posts on the other drawer organizer inserts soon.  The ones in the right drawer are actually for spices but I was unable to use them for that so I chose to do this instead.

You know I'm a make-do kinda lady and that drawer is a make do!  Actually, the Joseph Joseph drawer organizers in that one are made for spices!  Yes, I'll cover that one later.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to evaluate your kitchen tools and place like items in same drawer.  Then take the time to see which items you use often and which you seldom use. If you have space separate those into other locations. 
  2.  Next this is a very important step:  Measure width, length, and height of each drawer. Keep in mind the height clearance and any wood or intrusion that may lesson the height when the drawer is closed. **note I made a mistake when thinking of one of my drawer gadgets and I'll explain that in a later post on the spice racks.**
  3. Measure the gadget-drawer organizer you are going to add to the drawer.


Five Months Using



Until next time!
I'm cooking Roast & Greasy Rice
I will add the recipe later!

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  1. Yea, well my knife drawer looks like a cyclone hit it. At least mine are pointing all the same way but geez. I need an organizer in there.

    1. Hey Lisa 
      Yeah turning the same direction helps a lot. I wish I had room in my drawer to use another holder for those I have laying beside, but they have sheaths and that helps too.