Jan 16, 2023

Becoming a Minimalist

This somewhat hoarder of food, china, craft supplies, and many other collections has decided to become a minimalist!  The sheer mention of it sends chills! 
Seriously thinking on the subject and taking room by room, oh alright!  Maybe not room by room, section by section. 

Minimal, peaceful yet cold & impersonal

This person wants clean and clear but not totally. You know clean minimal without the total look of the cold impersonal decor. A cross between minimal and maximum? 

What!? I see that's been covered hmmm...

I've started in the living room and it looks much better!  The family has mentioned they like it and it makes the room seem larger! There are two large cabinets that need clearing a little then I'll update you.

Presently looking for sofas for the room.  I seem to be torn between the 70s modern and always traditional. 

That can present a problem but you know what maybe I'll continue to do what my parents and grandparents did before me. I've had a very eclectic style my entire life!

Hartford Leather Settee
I'm furniture looking

Thinking of replacing one possibly both sofas in the living room.  I still love my white chenille down feather-filled sofa that is the very meaning of comfort! It has a little life in it.

Our present white chenille down-filled sofa from Bernhardt

The one that would be less expensive to replace than reupholster is the yellow sofa.  Chuck has enjoyed that one way too much since retirement! 😊

Any suggestions from wives out there with retired husbands and the sofas they may use would be appreciated. The best fabric for a long life would be great.

Our yellow Clayton Marcus sofa picture was taken a few years back and needs replacing.

I may replace it with a smaller size, thinking about that one now.

My start at becoming a minimalist.

Resting a little then on to my next room.

Off subject 
SpaceX Falcon Launch last night from Florida seen here in SC

The little one came in all excited to tell me of the rocket he'd just seen go up! I'm glad he saw it because he has always been fascinated by rocketships. He once asked me, "Mimi can you and me build a rocket ship and fly up in it?"  He is so adorable!

Back on topic

What decorating style do you like or have in your home? 

Have a great week!


  1. I'm proud for you! - Welcome to the club of quasi-minimalist. We down-sized years ago and purged. I was asking strangers in elevators if they would like a free bookcase - anything to lessen the load. It is so freeing and I think my 'things' look better too since they are show-cased and not over-crowded. You have good taste in quality things, so sure it will be beautiful when you finish.

    1. Eileen,
      I just may have to come to you for encouragement and advice. That's cute about the bookcase and I now understand it! I sure hope it will look good afterward.
      Thanks so much!

  2. This is crazy because I was thinking of a post to write about “Minimalist”. Thats what I am. I feel so much more calm without a lot around me. My husband junks up spaces in the house and then doesn’t want me to touch it and I wouldn’t know where to put it anyway but I drives me crazy! My house is also is half paneled so it’s dark. I like light and clean. My little work cube is actually my minimal getaway without colors! Just grays and white.

    1. It is!  I have to try to put the husband and his junk out of the way but sometimes that is impossible.  Oh who am I kidding I have more than him lol.
      Working on that one too!  As a teenager I painted our wood paneling and I thought my Mama and Daddy would put me through the roof, Whew!  They wereupset with good reason that paneling was expensive and I just put a coat of lavender paint on top!  lol.It does seem to be more peaceful without so much junk.
      Hey, do your post I'm sure I can learn from you.  I always do!  

  3. We just completely re-did our living room (after repairing kitchen and bathroom floors). I painted all the dark trim with white, removed popcorn ceiling, painted ceiling walls, removed carpet (completely putting in a new subfloor, joists, and put in snap together plank flooring. It's a completely different, but clean look and we LOVE it! It's a country look, but clean, and uncluttered. Decor is windmill, chickens, white wash board shelf, etc

    1. Oh, Kristina that sounds so wonderful! You have been so busy! I'll bet all is gorgeous! I apologize for this comment coming so late on here it just showed up today! Always so good to hear from you!