Oh My Casper What Have you Done?

Just look at him so innocent

"Don't mind me I am just resting"
"La, la, la doing nothing."
Like a child who has done something and saying "What? You looking at me?"


 What do I see? Well, it's the chicken retirement home crew.  Yes they no longer lay any eggs to amount to anything and Motley I have had for years a very good but older rooster. I put the older crowd in a different part of the pen to roam more freely and eat, eat, eat. They get a hole dug for them in the pen and away they run! Freedom! :)

"What? Are you looking for us?"

"Can't you see we are just minding our own business?"

"Is she still there?"

"Yes, she is!"

This was a fun day.  I just left them out and let them roam and hoped that a predator wouldn't find them.  I left the hole open and for a few days they got out and roamed the nearby woods.  It ended as quickly as it began. I guess they found out the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Casper does like to dig that may become a little problem otherwise he is a pretty good dog, and they are pretty good pet chickens.

Have a great week Y'all!



Unknown said...

Even the best chickens must flee the coop once in a while! Great post Dolly!


Hi Deb,
I'm laughing that is a cute comment and so true..guess we all need to flee the coop at times!

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

Haha, great post!

Marissa said...

Dolly, happy Monday ~ Love it Casper is sweet and looks like full of energy..
and those chickens are sweet enjoying their freedom.. ha..

Annie's Journal said...

A Chicken Retirement Home...love it:) They sure look like they're having great fun too!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Awww, too funny! It looks like they enjoyed their adventure, no matter how short lived it was :) Casper is soooo cute!

Lisa Lynn said...

Lol :) What fun it is to escape and cause a ruckus! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I wonder how much they paid him to dig that hole! If you notice any chicken feed missing . . .


Thanks Tonya.


Hi Marissa,
Oh Thank you. You pegged him right sometimes too full of energy. They are a mess and hard to keep track of..Hope you have a great week.


I'm laughing too. I thought I would separate them from the others give them freedom but they still wanted to escape for a short while anyway. They did have fun scratched in the woods like crazy. Now I can't throw them out of the pen...ha..


Thanks! Yep I think they had the best time and sometimes we just have to throw our hands up and let them go..


Hi Lisa,
Thank you for stopping by to visit. Yes they had a little too much fun...I now need a load of dirt Casper does love to dig..lol


Hey Kathy!
I'm laughing and I wonder too. Cute comment!

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh no, Dolly! lolol! Too funny! I loved the chickens saying, "Is she still there....?" lolol! We used to have a dog that loved to dig, too. We ended up pouring a cement pad for the floor of the kennel. Problem solved! :)

xoxo laurie


Hi Laurie,
This was such a fun post and I declare that seemed to be what they were thinking. Good to hear from you sweet friend. We may have to cement around the edge of the fence I'm laughing as I say that...Have a good rest of the week and a great weekend!