Homemade Apple Pie

I must confess that I myself am no pie crust maker.  It's true and I know it, but I keep on trying (well from time to time that is).  This one is no exception kinda ugly, but you know what?  It was the flakiest I've ever attempted!  I was well pleased with the taste, and in all reality that is what counts when cooking.  The most beautiful food item can be tasteless and bland, but do you remember it for the beauty or for its taste? Today sharing an apple pie.

Spotlight: Coit Yarborough Attorney and Woodworker or Is It Woodworker and Attorney on the Side?

Coit  his wife Abbie and their sweet dog Havana

It has been a little while since we've done a Spotlight Story.  Today's person of interest is someone I've known since school days.  He is one truly likable, jovial, talented man and I'm proud to say I know him.  He tells how he met his beautiful wife Abbie and how his love of a hobby turned into a very important sideline. He certainly has an eye for beautiful wood and detail.

Putting Away and Storing Grocery Items Safely In A Pandemic

It didn't hit me in the beginning hearing about this sickness this virus that was killing so many people in China could affect us here in America.  I was saddened and praying for them and then it hit Italy, that hit home.  We definitely began to hear things daily of it and how we would be about 2 weeks behind them.

I have a relative who tried to tell us early on that we'd better start preparing for this and it was serious.  He travels or did over there extensively.  I didn't take him as seriously as I should have and he's a smart man that I love.  He was right this is serous!

Even after saying that I guess I did start preparing for something to happen before some others and was told I was crazy to do all that. Didn't stop this stubborn lady I kept on preparing anyway and who knows if it has helped or not?  I sure don't know and I've always said if I get this thing somebody or something coming in will be the cause for sure!

Talking showing pictures today about opening, throwing away, and storing food and other supplies inside the house.

Words of Comfort in Troubled Times

I think we all can become overwhelmed at times.  Overwhelmed may not be the word to use, concerned might be a better word.  This could be in everyday life. We sometimes let concern turn to worry and worry becomes overwhelming.  Those things at this moment in time don't seem to be so worrisome as they did a month ago. When something worse comes along it makes the previous concerns seem small in comparison. That is where we may be today with the Coronavirus looming over us at this very moment.

When all around you people may seem to be falling apart and you feel a sense of peace and contentment then that is truly a blessing. The blessings and peace come to me in the form of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and in the reading of His word in the Holy Bible.  Through Him, we find (for lack of a better word) outstanding peacefulness.  

Today I wanted to share a few sermons with wonderful messages that will inspire you. I know they did that for me and I'm so grateful.  


My favorite season!  How about you is it for you?  We've had a few days here lately that have been absolutely beautiful!  I enjoyed one of those days recently taking a little walk and enjoying some things beginning to bloom.

As my mama would say, " Come on y'all let's take a walk around."

INFORMATION On This Thing Called COVID-19 Disrupting Our Lives Be In Prayer

By now I suppose you are as sick of hearing about this mess as I am. However, there is no getting away from it. Dealing with the facts that have been given is the best way. This past week has been rather hectic. I'm personally tired from preparing and trying to prevent the spread of the CoronaVirus to our home.
Did you know we are all susceptible to get or carry this virus from merely breathing?  It is airborne that they are sure of. Since we all have to breath there is no way to escape without taking precautions.
A day of prayer today is requested to overcome this awful disease.  I can think of no better way to protect ourselves than to be in prayer today and every day.
Today's post is information taken from two sources, the CDC and The World Health Organization. I hope the little that is known about this virus will be helpful.


Grits, have you ever heard of them?  

I can remember traveling up north in my youth.  It hit me as surprising back then that no one up there knew what they were. They loudly said, "I don't even know what a Grit is!"  

They kept asking me questions over and over about anything to get me to talk.  Evidently the southern accent they loved!

They also said that about sweet iced tea! This young mind thought, in shock, "What have I gotten myself into?" They offered me a cup of hot tea which I accepted with a glass of ice and sugar on the side. They stood there with their mouth open watching me make my glass of sweet iced tea.  Yes, they were then in shock.

Oh, and before I forget another unknown at the time was something we call 'Fried Chicken'.  The nerve of these people baking everything! What's a southern girl to do, cook her own? 

Times sure have changed because most know what fried chicken and sweet iced tea are.  Grits the results are still out on that one.

I find that even down south here people either love or hate grits.  There seems to be no middle ground on this subject.

Today we are cooking our own 'Grits'!


I've recently been reorganizing a closet in the extra bedroom and really did not realize how many I have here in the house. I happen to really enjoy fabrics, textures, threads, embroidery, oh heck everything about sewing and quilting. These may not be my creations because I've given away all of my hand pieced and quilted ones. So a new section of the blog will showcase the quilts and the patterns.

Wash Your Hands! Plus Homemade Hand Sanitizer Talk

Were you raised by a mother that said that constantly?  If not I'm sorry, and then again not!  I say in jest. I had a mother that those three words 'Wash Your Hands', came out of her mouth constantly.  I've come to realize they are three very important words for healthy living, really!

If you ask me a lot of the recalls in produce as well as other things boil down to unsanitary conditions.  Hey, I worked with and ran a strawberry farm and we employed over the 20 something years many migrant workers.   Some countries are not the same as we in cleanliness and that's the truth.  I found myself saying to those hard-working individuals 'Wash Your Hands'. 

People in general just don't wash their hands near enough and that is the truth!  Some in occupations that could cause great harm to others in doing so! Take the time to just do that when needed without someone prompting you to do so, please.

Today with the Coronavirus scare retail shelves are being emptied and prices for needed items are skyrocketing, if they can be found.  There is a hand sanitizer, alcohol, aloe buying frenzy. Retail markets are beginning to price gouge and that's the truth.

The main thing to remember is "Wash Your Hands"! A little soap and water, plus taking a few extra precautions may be all that is needed.  Everything is going to be alright this too shall pass.

Talking today about this and homemade hand sanitizers, just how safe are they? 


Oh my, who besides me gets excited about the pretty Easter colors?  I love Easter, the time of year, the rebirth, the fun and excitement in the little ones' eyes!  Pastel colors, everything in bloom, weather is wonderful!

Easter is on April 12th, so we have some time to prepare!

This blog is a journal of sorts for me, a guide for things I want to keep on hand to return to for information. I guess it is a journal that I also share.  Today's topic Dying Easter Eggs!



Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.

Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.
WWII fellow soldier in same unit as my Dad the 83rd Chemical Mortar Btn.