Jun 4, 2024

Cabbage Steals The Show!

What do you do when you plant everything from seed 
Watch and grow so carefully
Transplant outside and the varmints eat them all?

Today's topic is 'Making Do With What You Have'.  
The only way to go is up!

I started all my vegetables and flowers from seeds inside in my AeroGardens

The green bean crop is lost this year due to this destruction
Where are all of the critters coming from?
This has been the worst year here in over eighteen for growing things!

Early May
Trashmouth and I agree the only way is up!
Planting things in the large Vegepod

The Cabbage is Stealing the Show!

Planted after the last frost here
Celery is a gift from Carly, Marigolds, Cabbage, Basil, Dill, Lettuce, Oregano, Dill, etc.

Basil, Dill, Romaine Lettuce

Vegepod is a crop saver!

Side view of early May growth

Early May

Very early May cabbage before heading up

Mid-May Celery

Late May celery stalks growing well!

Cabbage heading up even more in late May


Cabbage today June 4th is heading up nicely

Lettuce today growing well June 4th

Celery today June 4th looks like cuttings can be taken anytime now

Today's photo taken on June 4th
Basils are playing out and the dill has been cut 
An insect flew in when I opened the lid hopefully he won't devour all

I've never seen so many vegetable predators in all my years of gardening here and I don't like it!  It's a good thing this gardening lady is downsizing.  

It takes a lot of work to test the seeds of today since so many just don't germinate and are so expensive!  That takes time for testing and limits your crop.  The infestation of insects, worms, deer, etc doesn't make it any easier.  

Raised bed gardening seems the way to go for me.  This lady wants to work smarter, not harder! 

Since I no longer want to grow all of our produce and fruit, we have great local farmers for those. Buy locally so you know where and how your produce is grown.  Ask questions, and they'll gladly tell you about their crops.

Happy Gardening!
This dollylady is harvesting then resting inside out of the heat!

Oh 'little Dot' will continue to plant it's instilled in me! Maybe not as much but I'll always plant!

How about you?  Do you garden?

Have a Great Week!
Stay Cool!


  1. Where there's a will, there's a way. And you have found a way to thwart those pesky pests. Where I live, we haven't had a cold Winter in several years making the insect population explode. I too have given up since I don't like using pesticides. Too hot, bad back, and just don't cook much anymore--but I used to enjoy giving away my produce. Oh well, there's always the Farmer's Market.

    1. I'm sorry Eileen for the pests you have too. Yeah, it's just too dangerous to put more pesticides into our soil. The farmers here have done that for so many years until it does little to no good anyway. I'll bet you've grown and given away some beautiful produce. Thank God for the Farmers and Farmer's Markets! Good to hear from you sweet friend.