Jan 22, 2018

Color in Decor: The Color Pink Today!

It is amazing how a color, any color can change the look immediately.  I'm personally amazed at how it can create a mood.  Does color affect you in any way?  Do you have a favorite color?  How do you incorporate it into your decorating scheme? Today's color theme is 'Pink'.  

I like pink although I don't have a lot in the decor in that color.  I think I'll remedy that and soon.  Valentine's Day and Easter are upon us.  Hmmmm thinking of adding a little, or a lot of pink! I think little touches will work just fine!

Look at this pink door!
I found it in one of my favorite catalog's Ballard Designs
Everything about this door intrigues me!
I like the basket of flowers with hang tags!

Ballard Designs Petal Pinks
These are very pretty

Simple touches bring about a peaceful and beautiful setting

Ballard Designs

My grandmother Goldie had a pink bathroom
Similar to the one below

Loved the grandmother, but hated the pink bathroom!
Pink tub, sink and toilet!
Just too much!

Now this is a pink tub I could live with!

How about a chair?
Oh my, I'm liking this one!
Maybe for Hibiscus House?

Pink Chair
Nate Berkus

How could I talk about the color pink without showing a favorite

This pink house in Charleston I love!

A floral arrangement with pink is an excellent way to bring the color pink into a room

That arrangement brought to mind one of my favorite hobbies
I can not wait to begin Spring clean up
Impatiently awaiting the roses in bloom!

Tiffany a Tea Rose in Hibiscus House Gardens

I'm so excited and can hardly wait!
I love the fresh flowers in arrangements!

OH, and before I forget 
I have a pink coat!
Check it out!

Bon Ton

I've been working on dolly's designs
Today a post is up and it is all about pink as well!

Ending with these thoughts

I do believe you can have a pink overload
For me at least simple touches will accent the color
That will make for a show piece
It also will be peaceful as well as beautiful!
Certain colors have a dramatic effect and I think 'Pink' is one of those.

Join me
Scoop 310


  1. One of my childhood homes, had a bathroom with a pink sink, toilet and tub. My youngest brother ended up buying the house later in life and ripped it all out, ha ha!

  2. I love your showing of pink. I love certain pinks, especially dark pink flowers/roses. I am so in love with this post, but I don't really like a pink house. But everything else is smoking hot!


    1. Thank you so much! I don't have anything yet in decor pink but thinking along a few pieces for color. I love the dark pink tones too and so love roses.