May 12, 2022

David Austin Roses Teasing Georgia and Geoff Hamilton

I know you've heard me talk about our two David Austin Teasing Georgia Climbing Roses.  They have been real troopers here, no matter the weather, they produce the most beautiful prolific blooms. These roses never cease to amaze me! You can't go wrong with them.

Geoff Hamilton is another gorgeous David Austin Rose.  This rose is currently in a huge pot because it wasn't enjoying being in the ground.  Thankfully it is now thriving!

Teasing Georgia

Just look at the many blooms a few days ago!  This rose bush is sixteen years old!

Teasing Georgia makes great floral arrangements. Look at this beautiful one in a favorite cut glass vase

Geoff Hamilton a David Austin Rose

This one survives to this day as well and was planted a year or so after we moved into our home.  It has the most gorgeous blooms!  These take your breath away in bloom.  Anyone that walks by them stops to admire their beauty.

Geoff Hamilton Buds. 

This beauty was hidden beneath a huge shrub. In its new pot and it seems to love it!

This was a September 2021 bloom

This was taken nine days ago on May 3, 2022.  It is now fifteen years old!

photo credit  David Austin  Geoff Hamilton 
English Shrub Rose Bred by David Austin 1997

More Information and Notes

David Austin liked for roses to be planted in perennial gardens.  He thought they looked better in those types of gardens.

Two reasons why some of the old roses come off of the market: He would focus on quality and policed his roses a lot to see how they perform. Some of the older roses are being fazed out.  That is explained in the video above.

To buy these roses bred in England and grown in the USA:

David Austin  Teasing Georgia    And    Geoff Hamilton

Important Tips

  • Bury the bud union with a David Austin Rose
  • Prune dead and diseased vines.  Do not prune year one.  Year two prune a little more.  In year three you can prune a little more if needed. Trim only what you need to do and they can run together if more than one is planted side by side. 
  • Most of the David Austin grow around  four feet tall 
  • Be sure you know where you want to plant to decide if you want a climber or a smaller variety.

I just love them in looking through our archives for posts I've found several:

I've been extremely busy lately with overgrown flower beds.
Removing old layers of landscape fabric!
What a horrendous job that is, 
That will be a future post

Mama told me not to mess with that stuff!
I should have listened (smiling as I say that)

Friends, I have a special request please be in prayer for Chuck he is having surgery next week.
Thank you so much for the prayers and happy gardening

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