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Dolly's Southern Cornbread Dressing

This is one of my most looked at and shared recipes on the site.  I can tell you that it wouldn't be Thanksgiving or Christmas for that matter here at Hibiscus House without this side dish.  My family would be in an uproar if I even thought about leaving it off the menu.  Join me for one of our Southern Traditions here.  

Sweet Potato Pie

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Do you like simple but pretty decorations?  I do they seem to be the best kind easy to put out and easy to take away.

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Cotton At Hibiscus House

Cotton Blooms aren't they pretty?  This post includes some information about cotton that I knew nothing of.

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Catie's Idea of Decorating...

Catie's idea of decorating and mine differ quite a bit...needless to say. I know it is by Martha Stewart's, but really Catie...

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"Ma Roger's" Pie Safe

This was Chuck's Grandmother Roger's, ("Ma" is what they called her) Pie Safe.  

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Dolly's Simple Giveaway WINNER

We have a winner:
Jo Anne @ A Pocketful of Blue

Dolly's Simple Giveaway

Pumpkin Pie with Laura Vitales

Pumpkin Pie is something that I seldom make.  Not that I don't like it but sweet potatoes are so prevalent here they are much easier to use.  Join me today as I share this recipe from Laura Vitale.

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Making Do

We have downsized quite a bit with this home. That can be good and bad. The limited space can make one think of new ways to incorporate items. The seasons change but not necessarily the decor in all aspects. 

The Traveling Hoosier Cabinet

Genolia and Cora's Hoosier Cabinet

This is one traveling cabinet!


I love good oranges.  Do you?  You can't beat the taste and I love ambrosia so I thought I'd share one of our family's favorite fruit salads.

Sausage-Cheddar Quiche

I lived next door to my mother-in-law Genolia for many years. She was a sweet little woman who could cook so well. We would look forward to getting our Southern Living Magazine every month. It always had, in fact it still does have the best recipes.

This is one of those we have made for many years. It is delicious, almost has a pizza taste to it. I can't help myself, after I brown the sausage and add the mushrooms, onions, peppers and seasonings I have to eat some of it. It is just delicious. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Genolia's Collard Recipe

Genolia's Collards

Genolia's Broccoli Cornbread

My sweet mother-in-law, Genolia passed this recipe to me. I have such fond memories of her and her wonderful recipes. My girls and I love this one, so I thought I would pass it along.

Genolia's Lace Cornbread Recipe

Genolia's Lace Cornbread Recipe

1 cup yellow cornmeal
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
water or milk (you will use the amount you wish)***see note below
Mix dry ingredients
Add 1 tsp canola oil

Extra oil to coat frying pan

Cold water (she always used cold said it made it crispier)
***The more water you add The thinner you make batter the lacier and thinner cornbread becomes***Stir little liquid at the time  

You want batter to be thin enough to pour or if you are making your cornbread a little thicker you can spoon it.

Experiment you will find the way you like it best.
Iron frying pan is best but any non stick pan will do.
Pour cooking oil until just bottom is slightly oiled not loads but enough to crisp cornbread.
You can almost fill pan with batter for a plate sized hoe cake or spoon personal size rounds 
Cook over medium high heat watching
Turn when edges start to turn brown and side is brown.
Add more oil if needed cook until browned


Grandma Cora's Lace/Hoe Cake Cornbread

Grandma Cora's Lace Cornbread or Hoe Cake

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Hibiscus House: Dolly's Simple Giveaway

Hibiscus House: Dolly's Simple Giveaway: Dolly's Simple Giveaway Hi everyone! You know that Hibiscus House is about simple country living with "simple" Being the key w...

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The Year We Grew Pumpkins in The Tree

Martha Richburg Dimery's grandmother, Agnes Garner from Timmonsville, S. C.  She grew pumpkins and one year the vines wrapped around a tree and what a surprise they all had....

Pumpkins hanging from a tree!

Grandmother Agnes Garner

Martha's thoughts on her grandmother:

She was far more precious than jewels.  Proverbs 31:10 describes my grandmother, Agnes Virginia Garner.  She was married to my grandfather Millard Lee Garner.  She worked very hard on the farm and raised 7 children. 

She cooked on an old wood stove and she was the best cook in the whole world.  Makes my mouth water just thinking about her lace cornbread, biscuits, homemade rolls, cakes and pies...Collards and sweet potatoes.  Oh my mercy when she would go out to the chicken pen with an ear of corn to shell, I knew what was coming.  The best fried chicken cooked in grease that ever touched my lips.

Grandmother was a Godly woman attending the Timmonsville Southern Methodist Church and she also took Bible courses by mail. She always tithed her money no matter how hard times were.  God always took care of her. 

I can remember the times that she would have the circle meetings. She had a set of green glass dishes that she served her delicious chicken salad on.  When pears were ripe she would can pear halves and put red or green coloring in them and this made a beautiful desert placed on lettuce with grated cheese and a dollop of mayo on top. 

Though times were hard she reached out her heart and hands to the needy and fed many hungry people that came by her house.

This is the article that was in the paper.

The article says:

From Small Acorns Do Big Trees Grow?  But This Is Ridiculous!--

Mrs. M. L. Garner of the Peniel Community, threw out some pumpkin rinds and seeds last year into a section that has been a pig pen.

This year pumpkin vines have spread allover and up ___into an oak tree and a pine tree.  They are larger than basketballs and are not supported by tree limbs, only their own vines.

Sweet Thoughts Martha Thanks for sharing.  I'll bet that was something to see.

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Charleston Spice Company

Charleston Spice Company

Charleston Spice Company is the lowcountry's premier source for organic hand blended herbs and spices, everything from Basil to Grains of Paradise. The spice blends are produced and packaged in small quantities to ensure quality and freshness. All of the blends are custom designed, whether based on a classic recipe or started from scratch.

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Hyman Vineyards

Pee Dee State Farmers Market
Fall Festival

Hyman Vineyards are one of the vendors at the market

Greg Hyman Owner

They have quite an assortment

This bread is delicious! Mama brought a loaf and I just had to taste it.
We barely made into the house opening the bag to eat...

This display at the market is really quite beautiful
my picture does not do it justice, you must come out and see it.

Hyman Farms a former tobacco farm that has made the transition to growing grapes.
Isn't it wonderful that South Carolina Farmers have found something to grow to replace all of the tobacco fields of the past.  This is a beautiful vineyard.

Who wants to try this?  Reminds me of the I Love Lucy Show
I'll bet it is great for the feet too

Cute Idea!

ou have to check out their website. It is full of helpful information.
There are many health benefits with this fruit
too many for me to name here so go visit their website and then their vineyard.
I just may have to make it down to Conway myself.

 Muscaberri Wine Soap                          Jams, Jellies, Preserves                       Muscaberri Antioxidants

Muscaberri Wine Soap (infused w/ Loofa Sponge)Jams, Jellies, & Preserves - 9 oz.

Well, yet another great family business that we need to check out. 
Hyman Farms dates back to the late 1800's
Gift Shop and Tasting Room
Office:  2980 Hwy 378
Conway, SC  29527

Mon-Fri 8-5
800 235-7563
843 397-2100

Wine, Juice, Jellies, & SC Speciality Sauces

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Pee Dee State Farmers Market
Fall Festival 2011

Another great find at this festival was 
humble is a soap maker, also body butters, soothing salves & more.

Another great thing is that it is located right here in Florence
Contact: Suzanne or Wess at:

1207 Third Loop Rd.
Florence, S. C. 29504
(843) 678-3722

Their display was beautiful! My pictures don't do it justice.

I wanted to take it all home with me....the soaps smell so good.

Wess such a nice man and he seemed rather humble himself.

Facebook page:  Humble from the earth

Wonderful, beautiful products located right in our area..

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