Dolly Is Cooking Collard Greens

So many ways to cook collards and it seems as if my mother, grandmothers, mother in law all did them a little differently.  Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year, can you believe it?  Amazing how quickly a year passes by! There will be no surprises in our menu tomorrow it is a Southern Tradition to have certain things and there is a history behind why we have them.  Do you have your greens ready to cook?


I can hardly believe that a year has passed.  This year has held many good memories and some very sad memories.  One thing is for sure without the grace and blessings of our Lord there could have been many more sad memories.  Before we move on to a brand new and exciting year, I thought I'd look back on 2017 and the posts that were most visited.  I can say this you, my friends, like to Clean, DIY, and you really like Home Improvement!  Here are the Top Ten Posts of 2017 here at Hibiscus House.

Christmas 2017

I hope each and everyone has enjoyed a wondrous Christmas. I'll go ahead and wish you a Happy New Year!  That was just in case I don't get back on here to do so.  Sharing some of our Christmas with you.

Making Bows

I've lost count of how many spools of ribbon we have in storage.  Do you do that?  There is just something about new ribbon especially at Christmas time that draws me in.  Today Catie and I were in Sam's Club and this one had to come home with us.  You probably have made bows for many years. Just in case you haven't this is today's topic; Making Bows.

Grandpa and Chocolate Covered Cherries!

There are a few memories that stand out in our minds that never go away, thank goodness!  These are a few and I share them with you today.

To Hang or Not to Hang

Sometimes I just scratch my head and think about something for awhile.  It might take me quite some time before making up my mind about what to hang on a wall.  Why, oh why do I have this 'thing' about putting holes into a wall?  I find it especially hard to do this on freshly painted walls.  Today I talk about being simplistic. 

Product Review: High Five Naturals Pizza Peel

This is a sponsored post

I guess everyone has had enough turkey.  I know for the first time in my life I have.  Chuck says we have!  I married an American Italian so you can bet he loves lots of pizza!  Today I share and do a product review from one of my favorite sellers High Five Naturals!  You probably remember the products reviewed in the past here and on Dolly's Cooking.  I use those products almost daily!  Today we are previewing their Pizza Peel with Folding Handle and the Pizza Cutter.

Sweet Potato Pudding or Pone

I always wondered why the grandmamas and mama called this dish a pudding. They all did, so guess that is what it was. To me a pudding was something that was more, well you know, like pudding.

A dear friend of  mine mentioned the other day that her grandma called hers a pone.  I'd forgotten about that and from time to time mine did too!  I'm so glad she reminded me of that.

This dish bakes up and when cooled can be sliced. I had forgotten just how much I love it.  I will make it more often now. I hope you will like it too.

It's Turkey Time!

Can you believe it is that time of year already?  I can't!  Around here it is turkey time in more ways than one.  These beauties came through the back yard not long ago.  They certainly have grown!  You may remember they came through earlier in the year.

Toilet Cleaner Only Two Ingredients!

Do you like how I decorated this picture of the toilet?  I had the plain shot which I will share next, but thought better of showing the toilet here.  I mean look at it a Luau in the toilet! Sharing a tip today that I use when in a pinch.

Garden Spiders, Wild Turkeys It's Fall Y'all

Oh my how I dislike spiders!  Worse for me than snakes!  If I had a choice to be around either one I would choose the snake!  What would you choose?  Today at this appropriate time the topic is this 'Spider'.

Quick Easy Pizza

I rarely use prepackaged ingredients.  In fact I pretty much detest them. It is so easy to make from scratch most things.  I have found that in extremely busy times especially with small children around it;s more fun to play with them than to cook all day.  This is so easy to make and the kids will enjoy helping too!  Frankly, I like it!


Candy of DESIGNEVO contacted me recently about her new free LOGO making site.  I have been playing around a little with it this week.  

A Little of This and That

Carly was leaning against a fence when this sweet hen proceeded to jump on top of the fence and her shoulder.  Isn't this adorable?

Baked Chicken over Fresh Vegetables

Who loves baked/roasted chicken?  Who loves roasted fresh vegetables?  I for one.  Can you just smell the aromas coming out of the kitchen?  This is a quick and easy way to have both!  

Make Your Own: Gentle Laundry Detergent With Softener

Hey Everybody!  I was having a day of laundry when it hit me; I haven't shared this DIY mixture of laundry detergent with you.  I say detergent but it is really laundry soap without some of the harmful detergents and additives found in laundry cleaners.  

New Bread Machine: Zojirushi Mini Product Review

Hello, how are you this morning?  We are waiting to see how Hurricane Irma is going to affect us here in South Carolina.  I'm just sitting here drinking a huge cup of coffee and wishing I had a fresh baked loaf of bread.  Today is as good as any to do a review on this little number. God bless all in the path of this monster storm.

Are We Ready For Hurricane Irma?

National Hurricane Center 
Irma 2 am this morning

Well friends are you ready?  Hurricane Irma is on it's way.  We are still praying for Texas and now this one is soon to be near.  What will you do?  

Do You Wear White After Labor Day?

A good question isn't it?  Well, do you?  Where did this custom come from?  I don't know, only that if you wear white after, what?  People will stop and stare.  We wouldn't, we couldn't wear white; Or could we?

Hibiscus House Daylilies 2017

This little critter is enjoying the daylily

Today's topic is The Beautiful Daylily! This has been our showcase flower this year!  Everyday was a flower show. The best I've ever seen.  I'll put the link at the end of the post as to where we found them.  Join me today for the Hibiscus House Daylily 2017 Tour!  Watch your step!

My Electrolux Kitchen Appliances Review

Today I do a review of a kitchen full of appliances here at Hibiscus House.  Keep in mind that I cook more than usual!  As a matter of fact I cook all the time, so these appliances have to work hard! Having said that I still expect them to work!

Talking Chicken

Who loves chicken? I do being from the south or course our very favorite is fried but we also love a baked chicken?  We we sure do around here.  What can be simpler?  Throw it in the oven and bake. Many of you know I really like Jacques Pepin.  He is a man of many talents.  Today baked chicken is the topic and who better to explain than Jacques Pepin?

Chicken & Dressing Casserole

I can remember standing and watching my grand-mama Cora making her cornbread dressing with a little bit of chicken she had boiled.  I watched as she baked her own cornbread recipe from her own stone ground cornmeal granddaddy had taken to have ground.  Using the milk from her cow named Sookey, the eggs from her own laying hens and lard rendered from the pork grown on the farm. I almost forgot a hen that had just that morning been running around in the chicken yard.  Did I do that for this recipe?  Of course not!

Bunny Talk and Porch Curtains

Oh the excitement of a newly painted porch, railings and ceiling!  Friends you know how much we're enjoying the porch.  It is such a pleasure to walk outside and enjoy the colors!  It is amazing what a little paint can do to change your whole surroundings.  Color affects the mood even!
It wasn't long after we painted that we started noticing scratch marks, then gashes taken out of the porch flooring and railings.  What in the world was happening, we scratched our heads and gave up thinking about it.

Homemade Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Have you made this yet?  Do you make homemade products for your home, health or body needs?  I've found that although I put these things off they truly can save you money in the long run.  From time to time, I am skeptical of some of these homemade products and want to be sure they are safe to be used.  Every ingredient needs to be investigated for safety, well as best as any individual can investigate that is.  I jumped off the buy everything a while back and haven't been disappointed at all.  The deodorant I put together last year, and let me tell you one tube lasted an entire year, works wonderfully!  Today we're talking toothpaste!

Dolly is Cooking Brownies

I was in the mood for brownies the other day and these were what I came up with.  The coconut oil arrived the day before and I declared that I was going to use more of it because it just might be better for us than some of the oils out there.  

Flowers Shrubs Trees Butterflies & Rabbits

I must confess that in the last two years my gardens haven't been given the attention they deserve. They still perform beautifully, bless their hearts! 

Homemade Scuppernong/Muscadine Grape Jelly

We have a few different varieties of Scuppernong or Muscadines growing in our little orchard.  You know there are only so many of these you can pick and eat then after a while it makes sense to save the rest before they go bad.  I love the juice from them, it reminds me of the grape juice we have at church when we observe The Lord's Supper.  Prepare and take the juice from your grapes to be used now or later.  This jelly was made from the juice of last year's crop.  It is delicious.

Watching Turkeys, Healing Casper, Harvesting Grapes, Birds and The Porch

Hello Friends, It has been quite a while since I've posted so this one may be a little about this and that.  Hope all are well and enjoying the Summer!

Product Review: Corux Smart Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Car Locator

How many of you lose your car in a large parking lot?  I do sometimes, I'll admit it.  When approached by Alan a representative of Zake Usa and Awesome Deal Us about doing a product review on this item it wasn't a hard decision to make.

Vegetable Loaded Chili & Beans

Some of the best recipes come from making something with what you have. This particular day I had planned to make lots of things with the ground beef I had on hand.  I also wanted to use up some of the veggies I had chopped that were on the verge of going bad.  This quick and easy recipe came about although not a thick chili it was delicious.  I served it on rice to make it stretch a little farther. Chuck took some to work as well because he hates to eat in the cafeteria.

Hibiscus House Recipe: Strawberry ~ Banana Jam

Strawberries, who doesn't love them?  I know they are my favorite fruit and my next favorite is a good ripe banana.  Of course you do have to time that just right ripeness in the berries and bananas, then eat or preserve for best taste at that perfect time!  Today I'm sharing one of my own recipes and it is delicious!  They do call me the 'Strawberry Lady'.  

dolly's Homemade Fabric Softener

I use my wool dryer balls for most of my laundry as a fabric softener. They work so well, but, I need a fabric softener for use with my hand washables.  I don't dry those.  This is a quick and inexpensive fabric softener for those times when you don't have or use the store bought.

True Farmhouse Memories

Uncle's Tractor
Isn't it a beauty?

Farming, row crops, farmhouses, farm animals all have been on my mind lately.  We lease this land out where we are to farmers, so when I hear a piece of farm equipment in the fields those memories come to mind.

What is a Farmhouse? house attached to a farm, especially the main house in which the farmer lives.
farmhouse is a building that serves as the primary residence in a rural or agricultural setting. Historically, farmhouses were often combined with space for animals called a house barn.

My Florida Room Decor Ideas!

One of the most peaceful and inspiring vacations took place in Florida and today that is on my mind. That vacation and thinking what I would do with a Florida or a Sun Room.

Frittata Anyone?

Today we are having Frittata!  I have an endless supply of fabulous farm fresh eggs.  The rich taste and color can't be beat.  We really like quiche and if you ask me a frittata is nothing more than a quiche without the crust.

Big Batch Laundry Soap Update!

Today's post is full of tips, measurements, costs, amount of uses per mixture etc.  Looking for an easier way to make Big Batch Laundry Soap?  Join me won't you.

Hibiscus House Laundry Mixtures

I know most are enjoying Holy Week, off on a trip or getting ready for the weekend.  Easter is a sacred, fun and busy time.  Today I am sharing something out of necessity because of the recent requests to make it easier to find them. Join me won't you:

Natural Produce Spray Cleaner

I know if you are like me you are concerned with the growing practices of our food growers.  The chemicals pesticides and herbicides used are of a great concern to us all.  There is no way to rid our food of these harmful chemicals but we can do our best to get rid of what we can.  It is way to dangerous to ignore in the long run.  Today I share a few spray mixtures that may help some.

Natural Produce Cleaning wash

I think we can all agree that unless something is grown completely organic our produce needs to be cleaned.  Join me today as we talk about natural mixtures you can use yourself to help remove some if not all pesticides.  

It's a Dog! No It's a Flower Honey

This picture hung in our family home until mama told me in recent years to take it home with me. It always caught my attention from a young child on. It is a simple vase of flowers yet so much more. Join me today won't you as I talk about "The Dog Picture"!

Southern Traditions: Fat Back, Homemade Biscuits & Dixie Lee Peas

Today I'm sharing a menu that some will know and like and some will know and not like.  Either way today we're talking about Southern Traditions and eating not as high on the hog!

Creamy Italian Soup

I might as well call this Toscana Soup with some additions but will name it differently because I have a Toscana recipe already.  This one has fresh asparagus and mushrooms that make it a little different. Guess it is a creamy mushroom, asparagus toscana soup...

Spring Cleaning Thoughts, Tips, DIYS

What do you do when it comes to spring cleaning?  Do you do extra cleaning this time of year, or are you one who doesn't have to do it? Are you one who I intend to be one day (who am I kidding?) ,that doesn't need to have a hard cleaning because your house is immaculate? Join me today as we talk cleaning.

Warm & Cozy Comforter Set

Today I'm sharing a new Winter Bedding Collection.  We put this on right after the painting was done.  We kept the Christmas quilt on the bed for way to long but knew it was thin and washable should paint happen to find it's way on it.  It didn't though the painters were pretty good about that.

A Beautiful Light Snow!

This was a couple of days ago and was just enough to coat the lawn lightly.  It truly was beautiful and Chuck was off and home for the first time to see the snow fall out here.  He is usually working when it does happen to snow, which isn't too often.  We did enjoy it very much together.  Today I share a few pictures and a video of our view from here.