It is always interesting to see the results of a year gone by in posts.  Yes, I am always amazed at the top ten.  This year has been no exception, I'm still amazed!  I want to take this time to say a great big thank you to all of you!  Great friends who make life better and more enjoyable! 

On to the countdown! (I can hear my little ones singing the final countdown song)...

Merry Christmas Eve: My Childhood Christmas Memories

All this week I've shared some wonderful memories from friends of the blog.  They've touched a lot of people including myself.  Sharing some of mine today.

This post wasn't to be a memory post it was to be simply a Merry Christmas Eve post!  I sat down while drinking coffee, you know today is a very busy day.  I was killing time and started thinking of my childhood Christmas memories. So today I share some of them with you.

The Never-ending Christmas!

This week has been a great one with friends sharing some of their most cherished Christmas memories. I asked some Facebook friends if any would like to share and immediately got responses.  We've had an outpouring from friends.  This is the last in the series of posts in our Christmas Traditions, Decorations, and Memories.

Today Lesley shares Christmas!  

Ronnie & Lesley

Christmas Traditions, Decorations and Memories With Pat

This week has been a great one with friends sharing some of their most cherished Christmas memories. I asked some Facebook friends if any would like to share and immediately got responses.  What a wonderful time of year this is!

Today Pat shares a few of her favorite memories, pictures of loved ones and some of her decorations.

Christmas Traditions, Decorations and Memories With Nelva

Recently I asked friends on the Facebook page if they had any Christmas traditions, memories, or decorations they would like to share.  This week I'll be sharing a few stories with you, in posts.  Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?

Today Nelva shares a wonderful memory and tradition!

Christmas Traditions, Decorations, & Memories With Nancy

Recently I asked friends on the Facebook page if they had any Christmas traditions, memories, or decorations they would like to share.  This week I'll be sharing a few stories with you, in posts.  Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?

Today Nancy shares some memories and traditions

Baked Smoked Ham With Orange Marmalade Glaze

What do you do when you don't have your go to ingredients for your Ham Glaze?  You search the pantry, because who wants to go to the grocery store at busy times?  Not me!  I searched the pantry high and low no pineapple.  I did however see a can of cherry pie filling the only thing sweet in there. Then it hit me use some of the Orange Marmalade to make your glaze!  Problem solved.

Recipe Next...

I Need to Decorate & Dreaming of a White Christmas!


I really like the old blue/black truck with wreath. It reminds me of one my father in law had and daddy's blue Ford truck. His wasn't this old but still brings back memories.

I like the kind of snow we get here in the South.  You know it comes is so unusual, we enjoy, and as soon as it lands it melts away.  Well, I like it when it stays a day or two anyway, giving enough time for play and snow cream!  Do you like the snow?  We have many friends that are at present being covered in snow, so maybe they aren't enjoying so much.

Christmas decorating and snow talk today.

How About Dressing or Stuffing Balls?

I've found that if you live in the South it is called Dressing, from the North it is called Stuffing, and a few still call it Filling. Some I'm just finding out make Dressing or Stuffing Balls!  How cool is that?  No matter what we call it, isn't it delicious?  Yes it is!  We love it here.

Let's talk dressing or stuffing in the bird, in the pan, or shaped into balls......

Lisa's Turkey Dressing Recipe and More!

  Lisa of Life Away From The Office Chair put her special recipe into a personal cookbook that she made a few years ago. 
  She has graciously agreed to share a family favorite, Turkey Dressing recipe that was handed down from her mother in law.  They top it off with lots of Giblet Gravy!
  They enjoy this at Thanksgiving and Christmas! Aren't those always the best?  I think these are the things that stay in our memories and all of the family keeps close to their heart!

   Now for the recipe....

A Mess Of Greens, It's That Time Of Year!


Who loves greens?  Here in the South we, well most of us, love them.  I guess it is a love or hate for some. When I was a child I didn't like them at all.  That changed as I grew older.
     I have very fond memories of the grandparents and great grandparents growing them in their Fall/Winter gardens.  The excitement was in the air for those things growing, meant the holidays weren't far behind.
     I also remember the fun times we had picking up the pecans that would fall to the ground as well, but that's another story.
     Getting back to greens, I should grow my own, but don't.  Do you?  Luckily there are a few local growers that take the time to grow and sell! They are so good for us. Let's talk Greens today!


Friends, do you bake the best turkey ever?  I hope so!  I used to, really I did, but in the last few years for whatever the reason:  I don't!  You'd think a person who just about lives in the kitchen could do this right?
This week I've thawed and baked a test turkey.  Maybe I should have gotten a freezer full of them to test.  The results I'll share with you today, but until then I'll add links and videos for turkey cooking, for those new to this or like me who need reminders.  Hey, we're on a search for the Perfect Turkey right?
Time for Turkey Talk!

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving Recipes etc.

1 Thessalonians 5:18
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will
Of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Today I'm preparing for our Thanksgiving meal.  We will have the traditional menu, not much changes, because family likes that.  However, as of late, and I hate to admit it, my turkey has been lacking.  Carly makes one fine turkey sometimes two and they are great. Mine however needs some tweaking.

Over the years, I've made the turn on the oven very high temp. cook turkey for an hour, turn oven off, don't open oven door.  Wow it is a wonder any of us are alive!  Many friends and family did that dangerous recipe.  Hey, some of you may have?

I've brined, both dry and wet over the years.  Changed how I seasoned, slipped lemon, or oranges under the skin, stuffed onions and celery inside, doused with olive oil, butter of course.....

We've even spent hundreds of dollars on Heritage grown turkeys.  Truthfully, they weren't any better than the ones in the freezer case.  If I had the time and dollars would order from other growers and maybe the outcome would be better.  I just don't know.

What's a person to do when the turkey in present day is grown in such a rapid manner that it is just not as tender as it used to be?  Who knows?  I am thawing one in the sink presently to do a test bake and will let you know how and if it turns out well, or not!  I have high hopes!

Today sharing some pictures and links to Recipes I have on hand here. In the future I will share more from my now closed cooking blog.  Until then Happy Thanksgiving Preps to you all!

Sweet BBQ Sauce

I love Bar-B-Qued Chicken!  We don't have it near enough, that's for sure.  It is awesome on the grill.  Some days like today when it is cold and rainy out cooking inside is a good idea. Baking or roasting is easy enough to do.  You find you don't have any sauce, this is easy to make... Give it a try.

Bradford Beavers

I am pleased to have as Spotlight Story Bradford Beavers. Bradford, is a born fisherman.  I really believe he was born to do this.  Today we learn a little more about this young man and his talent for pulling in the big ones!

Bradford is from Summerville, South Carolina.  He loves hunting as well as fishing.  We may have to get him to share some of his hunting experiences with us one day.  His home lake is Santee and his favorite lake is Okeechobee!  Bradford's strengths lie in jigs and spinnerbait.  I'm sure you fishermen out there know all about these!

I asked Bradford to write about himself.  That is something that is hard to do for most people, because they believe they have nothing to say.  Everyone says this and each has a story to tell. 

We will be hearing much more about this young man, his love of and talent in fishing.  Heck the internet is blowing up with his information, a simple search shows that.  Today his story.....

Would You Change Your Life If You Could?


There are days when  you stop and think certain things.  Today is one for me, birthdays tend to do that you know!

DesignCap & Hibiscus House Winners!

The Winners Are!

Pammie W.

Kristy L.

Diana N.


Squash Casserole #2

I can remember as a child not liking squash at all!  Then something happened a few years later that changed my mind.  I began to like the way mama and grandmama would boil until tender,and then drain to fry them up in their trusty iron frying pans.  The flavor changed and was to me much better than the boiled to mush.  Yes, Southern Style vegetables were and still are at times cooked until beyond tender. Not any of the crisp tender vegetables that have found their way (from up North, lol ) to our tables. Which, by the way I love as well.

Today I'm sharing a casserole that is moist and delicious.  Chuck has oooed and ahhhed every time he put some into his mouth. There have been many recipes for squash casserole over the years.  They are all similar, some are a little on the dry side, some moist.  This one is moist.  I put the Pepperidge Farm Herb Stuffing in this one along with many other rich dairy ingredients.  This makes a huge casserole, so I would intend to have lots of leftovers or have for a family gathering.  You could also wrap well and place in freezer for having another day.  Hope you enjoy as much as we do.

DesignCap Review and Giveaway!

I was asked by DesignCap to review their latest product.  This website is for anyone that likes to make their own graphic designs.

The above Graphic Design was one done on the LOGO with ICON Graphics in about a minute's time!

Today This is a Product Review and Giveaway! Friends,  I'm excited to be giving away three Plus Plans, courtesy of DesignCap!  How great is that?

So read the review, comment to enter the giveaway, and for sure go to the website.  Be creative!

Oven Braised Short Ribs in Rich Gravy

I can remember grocery shopping with mama when younger.  I would always ask why she bought that bone with a little bit of meat on it.  She would say "That gives the dish flavor, it tastes so good." She was right you know.  She would add it to her beef stew, soups, stocks and it was delicious. She was an excellent cook and made some of the best gravies in the world.

When you see the short ribs on sale, stock up on them because they can be quite expensive if not.  

Today I share one of my creations, give it a try I think you'll enjoy!

Duck Eggs!

I am waiting on Chuck to be my guinea pig.  Yes, I need him to try the duck eggs we are now finding in the coop.  Soon maybe, he will try them and I'll give you his taste test results.

Me try them first?  No way, I don't know why, but no way.

They are huge, very hard shelled pretty eggs and I am curious. Guess I'll do what anybody would do when curious about a certain subject, Google it!

This is what I've found out in searching today.

Me and My Chicken!

I Guess the title should read My Chicken and I, but this one just sounded better to me.

This chicken follows us every day.  As a matter of fact if he thinks we are up having coffee He gets angry.  If we haven't stopped to open the back door to speak, he will stand at the back door and crow until we do!  Today introducing a very special chicken and I've named him Comet!

It's Fall Y'all!

Hey, Fall Lovers!  It's here!  I am making a celebration of it too!  Right here by gardening and putting out things that would have made my Mama 'Dot' so proud!  You can see by my post picture that I had to start subtle in color.  You know the girls say, "Mama you only like the colors of white, off white, tan, beige with maybe a little light brown."  They are right I do, but am branching out and today celebrating right by myself.  I had a some help getting it to this point though, "Thanks Carly!"

Grandma Fried Her Sweet Potatoes on a Wood Burning Stove!

This post was done in 2014 over at Dolly is Cooking.  I thought since it is sweet potato season it would be a good thing to transfer over to main blog here.

Do you like sweet potatoes?  I do they are so versatile.  There is nothing like a baked sweet potato, so moist, sweet and delicious.  I love when you bake them and some sweet juice has caramelized underneath the potato.  That is the one I would choose off of the baking pan. 

You can make a southern favorite Sweet Potato Pie!  My Mama and grandmothers also made something that they called Sweet Potato Pudding, delicious hot or cold.  Souffles, casseroles, sweet potato fries, there are any number of ways to use this very healthy vegetable that tastes like a think about that!

Today we are frying sliced sweet potatoes.

Sunday Chicken Day: Chicken and Duck Talk

This Summer has really flown by and the animals out here have grown so quickly.  The Spring Chick Days were fun and I kept to my less chicks this year. I was thrilled to find this perky little endangered heritage breed Silver Campine Rooster! Funny thing is, two ducks found their way into my shopping cart and that has been an adventure to say the least.

Becoming Butterflies

This has been an interesting Summer, to be sure!  Our herb gardens didn't stand a chance!  We were invaded by these creatures (I'm kidding, well sort of)!

I love Butterflies actually and have planted a garden for them out back.  They surprised me this year with the sheer numbers that came out to eat and grow!

We soon gave it up for these beauties, and watched with excitement the stages they went through becoming butterflies!

CanvasFactory Product Review and Giveaway!

Hello All!  I'm excited about a giveaway!  How would you like to win a Photo Canvas for your home?  Join me today as I do a Product Review and please enter to win!

Hydrangeas 2019

I just love these Hydrangea as you know.  I'm amazed at the show they make every year.  You never know what you will have.  They vary so much in size and color from year to year.  This year they were just covered with blooms.  I don't think I've ever seen that many at one time.  The blooms were smaller in size but so beautiful.  I only regret that these photos were taken as they were going down, at the end of their bloom.  Even then, they were gorgeous!

We've been extremely busy with sickness in the family, but thankfully all are healing and on the road to recovery.  Thank you God.

Today's post will be in pictures and a few short videos of the flowers and Hummingbirds.  

Fresh Blueberry Cobbler

It's blueberry picking time around here!  Who loves blueberries?  We do!  Whether eating them by the handfuls or baking them into delicious muffins, or pies.  Today I made a fresh blueberry cobbler and let me tell you it is delicious! 

This recipe is extremely simple to make yet so rich and delicious!  Add some vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped topping and you're in for a treat!

Make Your Own Self Rising. Cake and Bread Flour

I like King Arthur Flour now.  Over the years, I've used Southern Biscuit and White Lily.  Flours do make the difference in your baked goods. Do you use certain flours when baking, or do you use whatever is available?  It is nearly impossible to find King Arthur in our local groceries, so I've taken to ordering or in a pinch using another brand.  When that brand can be found it is usually all purpose.  What's a lady to do when self rising is needed and you are at home with only all purpose?

Cool Cucumber Salad

Who loves cucumbers?  I sure do and now they are coming off the vines in gardens around here!  There is a local grower who always has his first. We can't wait to see Mr. Plummer and his fresh grown vegetables.  This year he has some large, seedless cucumbers and some very sweet crisp onions fresh out of the ground. Did I mention he has some new potatoes that are out of this world?

Today is all about cucumber salad.  There are many recipes out there on the internet and most have basically the same ingredients as I use.  

It has been extremely hot around here lately, temps hovering around the hundreds and so early in the year too!  We are finding ways to stay cooler.  Let's have a cool salad.

Banana Shrub, How Sweet The Smell

Some shrubs are somehow taken for granted.  This is one, and I'm ashamed to say so.  It is so pretty, stately, standing alone, and only takes a few limb cuttings to take care of it for another year.

I remember Mama and I sitting on the front porch and she telling me to trim out the center corkscrew limbs that were intertwining each other.  At the time I loved the look of the small tree like shrub.  Oh, to have her back sitting on the porch with me spouting her wisdom from years of experience in gardening. I'd cut away and watch her smile.

Today this shrub is on my mind.  Do you own one?  Talking today about an old favorite in many Southern gardens.

Ducks! We Have Ducks!

Hello All!  We've been very busy here at Hibiscus House, but I wanted to share the latest additions to our family.  We have ducks!  I need to tell you I know nothing about growing ducks!  This will be a learning experience for sure!

BBQ Sauce Boneless Pork Chops in the Pioneer Woman Instant Pot

I found six boneless pork chops in the fridge, I'd forgotten about.  Oh no, we can't waste perfectly good food. What in the world was I going to do with them?  I've been trying to use my Pioneer Woman Instant Pot lately so today was a day for it. I decided to make up a quick BBQ Sauce to use on them and cook in that way. Guess I'll do a little review on the pot today as well.

Our New Homestead Coop

We just added another little hobby chicken coop to our pen.  We have a variety of chickens and age groups here at Hibiscus House.  The Ole Folk Chickens are dwindling in numbers.  We love them and have had them for years.  They spend most of their days free ranging, eating, and resting.  The One year old pullets in the pen with the Red Barn Coop and this newer batch about two months old in this Homestead Coop.

Predators have had a field day recently.  We've said good bye to Pumpkin, and several others.  Gaston has become injured and is enjoying his life out in the soft grass in his days.  He has done his job well, but age and injury are taking a toll on him.

Cora Lee and Pat the Hammer, two of our oldest, are still laying but enjoying the free range life now as well.  You have to keep replenishing to keep a steady supply of chickens for the wonderful eggs.  Today"s Chicken Talk is about our new inexpensive coop from Tractor Supply.

He is Risen

Matthew 28:5 King James Version (KJV)

5 And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.

Allergy Sufferers What Can We Do?

My favorite season of the year has always been Spring!  Oh, how I love the beginnings of new life, growth, and color!  Gardening and being outdoors are things that make me happy!  However, this time of year can reek havoc with allergy prone individuals, such as myself. What's a Spring loving person to do?  The pollen this year has been the worse I've seen in many years!  

In a Pinch Hot Wing Seasoning

Today, I was so surprised to find that we were out of Texas Pete.  That is a hot sauce, for those of you from other parts of the country, that have never heard of it.  We use a lot of it in this area.  We had never ran out of it before!  Oh, the shame!

The wing sections are in the oven and what am I going to do?

Ranch Dressing

We sure love Ranch Dressing in this home.  Well, to be truthful, we love most dressings and good food for that matter.  I probably should call this Ranch/Dill dressing, because of my love of Dill. 
We are still enjoying the Aerogarden.  I have some planted an assortment of lettuces, That makes for quick salads at any given time.  The best thing with the amount of recalls on lettuces and our food sources this is a healthier way.  Grow your own.  It's that wonderful time of year to do just that!

FlexClip Product Review

Today I am reviewing a new program, so far I am very pleased.  It is called FlexClip.  I've used it several times in the past week.  FlexClip is a simple to use but powerful video maker that helps you create videos for any use in minutes.  Join me today as I share this program with you.

Morning After In The New Pen

Who knew even a change of scenery would make chickens happier?  I sure didn't.  This bunch is singing daily and the truth is they want me to sing to them in the evening. Yes, I can't sing a lick, but they enjoy it!  They everyone, lay the next day and sing all day going about their business.

Chick Days everywhere and for sure around here.  It is wonderful to have them and they lay such beautiful golden yolked eggs.  They are much healthier for you than CAFO eggs, safer too. I love the Farm Fresh Eggs.

We have lots to do in the chicken pen, other improvements as I now call 'Shanty Town'. Sharing their happiness today, as I get ready to garden and do yard work.  It's that time of year folks, if you can get outside for the huge amount of pollen!  

What? Retro, Dating Fictional or Not? Short Story.

Chuck and I just had an anniversary.  We actually remembered this one!  Yes, I'll admit it, there have been times in our lives when others, their problems and care, have contributed to our forgetting our own anniversary!  

A wedding anniversary makes one think about the years, the time you met, what attracted you to them etc.

Today's topic: Dating, Choosing your mate, hopefully for life and who would you choose?

Hen Varieties in New Pen

Spring is here and I really love our flock of chickens.  They sure have varied dispositions and mannerisms.  I've put off naming this bunch that we purchased as young pullets last year.  Maybe, because every time I give something a name and show my love for it a predator will come along and take them away. 

Its chick days at some of the hatcheries so guess this could just be the time to give them names.  We purchased these last year and now they are laying in full force!

Today is a journal post as I will be keeping track of their egg laying.  While doing the research I found out many interesting things about these breeds. I wanted to link the egg colors to each hen so this will help me in the future.  Some are a given, but then some are so similar it's almost impossible to tell which hen layed/laid which.

 Exciting times, young hens, farm fresh eggs, and maybe new chicks to come soon!

Our New Little Red Chicken Coop

I won this adorable chicken love sign from Purina and it looks great on the pen!  Today we're sharing our newest little hobby coop with you.  Screwdriver in hand and doing it alone, wish me luck. All I can say is if there is a will there will be a way!  A little maneuvering and my little garden wagon and it was done!  Join me today as I share the putting together of this simple little kit from Sam's Club.

Relaxing Chicken Day

This morning it felt so wonderful.  It was cloudy but the temperature was heavenly!  I took a walk to visit with the hens and roosters.  

Recently we lost two of our family flock. One was Screech a small rooster and the other I named after my mom Dot, she was a Barred Rock.  I loved those two and isn't it the way it is the ones you love the most seem to go away first.  Something got to them and the rest of the flock is really skittish.  

I also am cleaning out the old hobby coops that have really gone down over the years and that is also making them a little confused .  It has to be done as you will see in some of the following pictures. Join me on my walk and visit with the backyard chickens.

Farmhouse Curtains in the Craft Room

Sharing the Farmhouse Curtains made not long ago on some fabulous print to order premium fabric.

I'm Dreaming of Easter Cakes

Thoughts of Easter are on my mind.  I'm sitting here with my morning coffee scanning the internet for beautiful and probably some pretty good recipes and ideas.  I thought I'd share a few of them with you.  They're not mine but look very delicious!  Click the links below the pictures for the recipes.

Simple Living, How Hard Can It Be?

One would think it would be the easiest of things to do, to live simply.  Wouldn't you think that?  I once did.

Over the years, life, family, circumstances make that almost impossible. One of my goals is to do just that, live as simply as possible.

How hard can it be?  I think, as blessed as we are, it can be extremely hard.

Old Fashioned Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Who doesn't like macaroni and cheese?  I frankly don't know anyone that doesn't.  It has become such a staple on our family tables over the generations until, sadly, we take it for granted.  The grandparents on down in the family have always made their favorites.  The kids when little wanted the infamous blue box macaroni dishes.  I've made the soft cheese sauce macaroni, but always come back to my old fashioned baked.  Today bringing back my recipe for that.  I hope you enjoy it.