I was so tickled to have a hen suddenly become broody.  It's so rare to have one that does that now.  The trait seems to have been bred out of most hens. 

When you have a hen that still wants to become a mother and you need to replenish with new chicks you take advantage of the situation. It's so convenient to have a hen that wants to sit on the eggs, hatch, and care for the chicks.  Much better than having to incubate the fertilized eggs yourself.

A good hen will only have two or three good years of egg laying and then it tends to slack up a lot before stopping altogether. So you have to plan and prepare for future egg layers.

Today I'm sharing a few pictures of the little one.

Drying Basil and Other Delicate Herbs in the Microwave

I've grown herbs for a number of years now. They make your meals so much more flavorful, don't they?  Have you priced them lately?  That in itself makes it worth your while growing them.  They only take a small spot to grow a sunny window or patio is all you'll need. They smell wonderful too!

I had some basil hanging which only needed a short time longer to be completely dry. The leaves were dropping like crazy.  I almost scooped them up and trashed them while cleaning up. Luckily I caught myself in time to save them.

I ran across some information on Food Network and thought Oh yeah! A fast way to get rid of this mess and save the herbs.

Today's post is about drying delicate herbs in the microwave!


Joseph Bjork contacted me on behalf of him and his wife Aubrey. They are the husband-and-wife team who run Good and Basic Manufacturing. This design team 3-D Print and Sell Products. He asked if we would be willing to do a product review on one of their products a 3-D Spinning Wheel with accessories.

I have to admit the thought of spinning wool was very intriguing! We have a friend who has a wonderful sheep farm and spins.  We love her work.  

I explained to him that we had no experience in spinning wool but would love to learn. We accepted his offer.  Today's post is a review of their 3-D Spinning Wheel.

Finding Simple Ways To Save Money


These days of inflation make saving money more difficult and that is a fact. Do you find yourself counting your money? 

Is this a subject you've thought about?  I've always tried to save money by doing all I can on my own to accomplish that.  Lately, I've been thinking about slacking up on some of that hard work. Was going to relax more and enjoy retirement. Some of that is on the back burner for now. 

Don't give up we need to put on our thinking caps! Our economy may call for even more self-work (*note* new post thought maybe I need to figure out a new way to accomplish this without working so hard.) We can do it and we will have fun along the way.  

When you get older change is something that sometimes throws you for a loop.  The trick is not to let it throw you too far. Think, plan, conquer!  "After all tomorrow is another day!"

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on saving. Simple maybe even downright frugal ways to save without suffering too much I hope.  πŸ˜Š

Summer Fun

These summer days fly away so quickly!  It has been a hot one for sure!  I love it when I get to see these guys!  You know I love to enjoy every minute!  

Today's simple 'Mimi's Brag Book' post in pictures. 


I've been working so hard I've neglected blogging.  I'll be making up for lost time with a few gardening posts.  They tend to refresh my memory when the next growing season comes.  I hope you enjoy them.

I harvested the onions on June 4th of this year.  It is such fun to grow and then pull these beauties up.  I'm glad that Paul Nelson gave me a source to find a great sweet onion.  We've been enjoying them for a month now!  I can tell you they are delicious tiny green and larger dried.  Talking onions today! 


I really like this recipe!  It is a little different than the ones my grandmama made.  These are not as sweet but have a very good taste!  Chuck couldn't wait to open one and I had one that I wasn't too sure of the seal so I said go for it and taste some of these.  He sat down with a plate of them!  He likes them!  Tonight I tried one and between the Hoss Straight Eight Cucumbers picked small and this recipe I call them another addition to our pickle family. 


Today is Flag Day you can learn more about it here in What is Flag Day.

  Our Flag and What it Means can give you some insight into the meaning behind our American Flag. 

Petunias, Verbena, and Lemon Bee Balm

I really like the pink, purple, lavender, and white combinations.  Petunias and verbena are all-time favorites with us.  The newest in this mixture is the Lemon Bee Balm.  It is delicate and pretty.  The pollinators love it for sure.  It is always covered with bees and butterflies.  I've yet to make tea from it but I've heard it's good. Today sharing pictures of these little beauties in the cute white planters.

Memorial Day

'Johnson and Johnson Band Aid Kids'
83rd. Chemical Mortar Battalion
One came home and one didn't
Memorial Day

Memorial Day to all who fight or protect our country in any way I thank you.  To the ones that this particular day is all about I honor you.  You gave your all and we remember on this day.

The photo above hung in the living room of my parents home my entire life.  The soldier on the left is my daddy and hero.  The soldier on the right was his buddy and I believe daddy said his sergeant.  I can't be positive about that it was just in my memories.

I never heard my daddy mention his name, only that he had been right next to him when he was killed in action.  Those three words have so much meaning 'Killed in Action', even as a child I knew how important that was and how sad. 
            read the post with some pretty interesting facts along the way from the archives  here

Handling and Disposal of Dry Ice

It's a wonder I've not blown us up in the last two years!  

I've been handling the dry ice in the food delivery boxes all wrong!

Google and you will find many links but most all seem to tell you what not to do and not how to dispose of.  I found a few links that help with the disposal, so I thought I'd share them with you. So you won't blow up yourself or your loved ones!

David Austin Roses Teasing Georgia and Geoff Hamilton

I know you've heard me talk about our two David Austin Teasing Georgia Climbing Roses.  They have been real troopers here, no matter the weather, they produce the most beautiful prolific blooms. These roses never cease to amaze me! You can't go wrong with them.

Geoff Hamilton is another gorgeous David Austin Rose.  This rose is currently in a huge pot because it wasn't enjoying being in the ground.  Thankfully it is now thriving!

Tomato Seed Varieties

The plant on the left is one of the Heirloom Seed Tomatoes
It is the Brandywine or the Tie Dye Pink 

This post sat in drafts and I've just realized that I'd neglected to publish it before now.  I'll use this as a guide for next year. I started many seeds in my MiracleGro AeroGarden and was well pleased. I had almost 100% germination!  

As of this day May 4th I have many plants growing like crazy as shown in the picture above on the left.

These are the current seeds I have on hand. I'm trying to decide which to grow now and which for later. to choose and grow.  I'm excited and can't wait for the first taste of freshly grown tomatoes this year. 

Frugal Talk For Times Like These

You'd have to be living on another planet not to have noticed the increasing cost of just about everything these days.  Even if you are independently wealthy why would you waste your money needlessly?  

Spending your hard-earned money needs to be more planned now. I for one need another course in thrifty frugal ways.  I'll admit it, " I am a Food Hoarder!" 

Today's topic is frugal saving money without getting into the trap of spending more trying to save more.  Do you know what I mean? 

Cubed Steak & Gravy...Old Recipe

Who likes an easy to cook and very filling recipe?  This is one of those easy recipes cooked in an electric frying pan.  Little preparation all that is needed is a little patience.  This recipe well at one time was at least an affordable yet delicious main course. 

We've cooked this for years through the family some a little different manners but all delicious.

Sweet Peas aka Garden Peas English Peas or Ball-Bearings. What?

Sweet peas Garden peas English peas or even as the husbands and my daddy named them ball-bearings you can't go wrong.  I love these delicious tiny morsels.  Pop them in your mouth raw quickly steamed or cooked into stews soups anything. Add a little butter and what a treat! I like them but it seems if you don't you won't. The topic of today is Peas.

Feed and Seed Talk

Do you garden? There is nothing like planting seeds watching them grow and reaping the harvests. As I age it seems my gardening is changing. What our forefathers thought about constantly for survival we as generations since have taken for granted. We are truly blessed I know but we've lost that edge for doing things ourselves. Our food has been produced for us.  We no longer have to do it for ourselves, or should we? Talking about seeds, growing, and becoming more self-sufficient today.

The Dogwood Is Blooming!

I was so excited to see this little tree finally blooming and more than one or two!  It is a few years old now and really has almost died yearly so this is a joy to see!

This was yesterday and it was very warm. Today we've had severe storm and tornado watches and warnings. Windy, goodness yes it's been windy!

Sharing a few pictures and the Legend of the Dogwood.

This n' That Mar 2022

Busy here planning and my the plans that are rolling around in my head!  Getting things transplanted into the garden is exciting.  You know I'm always cooking in this house and for the moment still doing that.  Just not the seven-course meals and trimming corners to save time (for planting) and money.  Gosh knows, we can all use some of that right? 
This quick post up and about to get back into the garden!

Hibiscus House Hydrangeas

Oh my goodness it's the first day of Spring!  This is my absolute favorite time of year!  Happy Spring Y'all!

I ran across many Hydrangea posts this morning.  These beauties always amaze me. It seems I've taken many pictures of them over the years. 

Yes, What They Said!


This describes how we are "To a T" There's another one "TO A T" and it means to Describe something perfectly or exactly right!
We do tend to protect and love our crazy people in the South, and if we can't find one we'll pretend we have one on call.
Join me today as we talk about it...

Simple Pound Cake

We love pound cakes around here and they can't be beat if you are using fresh eggs gathered daily from the hens.  The deep rich yellow yolks make the prettiest cakes for sure! 

This recipe is so old my card is stained but is still loved.  A family friend gave it to me many years ago. I call it our Carnation Milk Pound Cake.

It has a softer texture than our best-loved Sour Cream Pound but is still very delicious!  Add lemon flavoring along with the vanilla and it will bring back old-time memories at grandmas' I'll bet!

Let's Talk About Onions

photograph credit

Right off the bat, Catie is telling me to try to calm down this post is going to be too exciting for most to take in! She also said this may have to be a two or three-parter! Doug said, "You may have to because you know onions have many layers" πŸ˜€ We may have to call in security for all of the paparazzi!

Onions, onions, onions how I love them!  I really do!  My sister used to sit and watch me eat a steak with raw onion.  It amazed her that I would peel cut pick up and eat the raw onion along with a delicious steak!

Although I may not pick them up and eat them like that as much as when I was younger I do cook with them almost daily.  It isn't a good thing for me to run out of them in this house for sure!  

It seems one either loves or hates them. Are you ready for this? It's time for onion talk!

Valentine Flowers and Seafood Coating Recipe


Chuck gave me these beautiful flowers the other day. He knows I love pink!  I fried the seafood a few days ago as well.  Yesterday we had wonderful steaks. I know you're not supposed to brag on yourself but they were so good. We've had our flowers seafood and steak what will we have today?

I really don't know what we'll have today.  Guess it will be a surprise to all. Heck, I may make Hamburger Helper, who knows?  

Today I'll be sharing a great and easy way to fry shrimp and scallops.

Sausage Garlic Cheese Grits Casserole

Good Morning!  Are you up for a casserole?  This is considered a breakfast dish but guess what?  We in the South have breakfast morning, noon, or night!  

One of my first jobs was in an office with a lady named Eleanor.  She talked of a casserole that she would prepare the day before and bake on Christmas morning.  She was always so excited because all of her family would be home. They all enjoyed this dish. This isn't her recipe, I don't remember the ratio of ingredients but she told me what was in it.  At that time she used a special garlic cheese. I've not found any of that so I improvised with cheddar and garlic.

We had this today for brunch and I thought I'd have to remove Chuck from the kitchen!  He just kept eating it.  πŸ˜„

Today sharing a memory in a recipe!  

Freezer Down! Let's Have A Buffet!

What in the world am I going to do?

Eggplant Parmesan Plus How To Freeze Eggplant

This actually was delicious even though I had to use the frozen eggplant! 

Another Snow Day In South Carolina!

Look what we saw when we woke up this morning! It's rare to see one snow a year but two that is extremely rare.  This makes the second weekend in a row it has snowed here and it is beautiful.

I guess my children will get a chance for more snow cream!  Do you like snow cream?  Some have never had it before they tell us.

It is melting already and wetter than the last snow I think.  I didn't venture out in it today. I may yet!

Sharing a few early morning pictures.  We've certainly to my recollection never had back-to-back snow like this.  Fun times.

2022 Snow Day!

How about that?

We were all thrilled to see the most beautiful snow that fell here in the South

Which is such a rare occurrence it is celebrated by all!

Today I'm sharing a few very serene photographs taken in my quick walk around the yard.

Just when you get almost asleep I'll wake you up with a few fun pics and videos!

The Box Garden (Where are the Boxtrolls?) and It's Snowing Y'all!


I don't think new tender rose bushes can take ice and snow

 Chuck reminded me of all the delivery boxes he was going to take to recycle

Stroke of genius, 

I had forgotten that I used to use cardboard to protect plants in the past 

When expecting extreme weather.

While I was covering my newest roses I couldn't help but think of a cute movie. 

'The Boxtrolls' the grandsons and I went to see a few years back.

Last week we were expecting sleet ice and snow the first time I covered them

We didn't get the snow and thankfully no ice so I uncovered them.

Yesterday I covered them again  because here in South Carolina  

We're actually expecting SNOW!

I Am Not A Cold Weather Person


Are you a winter cold weather type of person?

I am happy for you if you are, but I definitely am not!

I tend to hibernate like a big ole bear this time of year.

The Year 2021 Summed Up In Posts


Beautiful first blooms of the season 

I thought I'd do something a little different this year and add these selections that friends enjoyed.  Posts published in 2021 only.

You have to admit the year was I'll just say different in many aspects.  Holding on to and enjoying certain things made for some normalcy.

What I found was that people enjoyed gardening, family was more important than ever, entertainment.  People still are very patriotic, they have a love for our country still.  Faith, hope, love, and kindness are what we all need more of for the new year.

Join me today as we finish out 2021 and dive into this new year 2022!

The Most Viewed Posts of 2021 Always A Surprise!

 credit  photo itself without edits

The numbers say it all and are taken from the highest viewed posts of 2021 which include many published in past years.  Oldies but always goodies!

There are a few that are exceedingly viewed yearly!  2021 was a little different in that I've seen more of you raising backyard chickens.  You're gardening lots more evidently and being at home more has led to cooking more as well!  The recipes have really shot up in the number of views.

It is a sentimental journey and I love it!  Thank you so much all of my fellow friends and readers!

Come on let's see the results in the countdown.